Summoners War: Chronicles Now Available on PC and Mobile

Time for some action.
Time for some action. Com2uS

A new age of Summoners War has arrived with the release of Summoners War: Chronicles. The game is now available on PC through Steam, Android phones and tablets, and iOS for iPhone and iPad.

The platform doesn’t really make that much difference since the game offers a cross-platform experience with cross-progression and cross-play. That means players can quest and battle with friends no matter what platform they’re using.

Unlike other games in the Summoners War series, Summoners War: Chronicles offers real-time MMORPG and brings an expansive single-player experience and multiplayer modes through co-op quests and competitive PvP combat.

Features of the game include:

  • Open World
    • Get ready to explore five diverse open-world regions.
    • There’s an expansive main story quest along with sidequests unique to each region.
    • Each region features a wide range of monsters to battle and collect.
    • There are also challenging co-op quests and player vs. player arenas, to name a few.
  • Single-Player
    • In addition to the main storyline and the many side-quests, players can also take on five unique bosses in the Kingdom Expeditions.
    • Two types of Ascensions have players rising to the challenge of beating levels of increasing difficulty with Trial of Ascension featuring unique monthly challenges for players to take on.
  • Cooperative Play
    • From the Field Boss Events challenging teams to compete for the highest rank against others to Rupture Events which feature unique missions, rewards are available to teams ready to take on the challenges ahead.
    • Teams can also complete some of the game’s most challenging content together revisiting Dungeons at high difficulty levels or taking on powerful Raid Bosses where they can unlock rare Summoner weapons and accessories.
    • Guilds offer players unique rewards and an easier way to connect and battle the dark forces in the Rahil Kingdom together.
  • Competitive Multiplayer
    • The Challenge Arena and Brawl Arena are ready for players looking to battle others.
      • Challenge Arenas pits two teams against each other with different objectives - attack or defend.
      • Brawl Arena gives players a chance to battle against others in real time.
  • Endgame Dungeons
    • As players complete the story and reach the max level, they can decide to journey to the endgame dungeons where up to three players must cooperate to beat the most powerful bosses in the game and in return get the biggest rewards.
    • As a live service game, new Dungeons are set to be released regularly.
      • There are plans for a ten-person cooperative Dungeon coming soon.
  • Launch Celebration
    • Multiple in-game events await players upon arrival, including daily login and mission completion bonuses.
    • There is also a special pick-up event where players can summon a powerful 5-star monster with a higher rate using summoning scrolls.

Learn more about Summoners War: Chronicles here.

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