Summer Is In Full Swing In Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp With Special Events

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Get to enjoy a lot of new activties.
Get to enjoy a lot of new activties. Nintendo

It looks like summer is in full swing as Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp is all set to release a bunch of seaside events. There’s going to be a lot of activities that players can take part in, along with some log-in bonuses to earn and rewards to unlock. There’s going to be a total of four new activities, and does not include the Summer Block Party which is already live.

One of these is Bamboo Bonanza! which gives everyone the chance to get some nice bamboo items like a bamboo noodle slide. There are also going to be some in-game events where players can collect stardust fans. Players can also unlock a tub watermelon and a bamboo-boat lantern.

After getting those bamboo-themed items, players can show off their interior design skills in the Happy Homeroom class. See if you have what it takes to come up with a Japanese-style garden that offers a mystical vibe. Your designs are then going to be graded by Lottie and friends. Those who pass the class get the HH Material and Furniture puzzle HH Medals. Earn enough medals and your HH Rank will go up.

For this month, the Fishing Tourney is all about Goldfish. That’s right, catch the special fish that’s in Lost Lure Creek and get those goldfish-themed rewards. Be sure to keep an eye out for a fish that has sparkling shadows and when you do, do what you can to catch it. If you do get some tourney fish, don’t forget to have them measured. If the total size reaches a set goal, you get to earn in-game rewards like a goldfish aquarium, goldfish screen, and goldfish paper lantern.

Finally, there is the SOU SOU Yukata Collection. Kyo-Yukata from the Kyoto textile brand SOU ・ SOU are all set to arrive as in-game items. Players can also go to the official SOU ・ SOU website and find the same SOU ・ SOU Yutaka Collection designs from the game for sale. That means it’s a chance for players to match their campsite characters in real life. In addition, the SOU ・ SOU Interior Collection is now available in stores.

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp is a free-to-start mobile game which is all about exploring nature, collecting cool items to create the campsite of your dreams, and of course, making friends.

Animal Crossing Pocket Camp
Animal Crossing Pocket Camp: It's A Good Game, Brent
Animal Crossing Pocket Camp successfully preserves the charm and simplicity of the original while tweaking their formula for mobile.
  • Charming like the original
  • Fluid, sensible gameplay
  • Easy to find friends
  • Timers everywhere
  • Premium currency exists
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