Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp Is Now Offering A Monthly Subscription Service

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A new way to play.
A new way to play. Nintendo

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp is launching a new paid monthly subscription service it calls the Pocket Camp Club. This service is optional and those who do decide to subscribe can choose between two plans. Either plan reduces the time needed to craft furniture, amenities, and other items.

Another benefit of getting the subscription is access to the monthly Pocket Camp Club Journal. This feature offers articles about the player’s favorite animal friends along with a sneak peek at new items. For July, here are some of the things that players can expect:

  • Cyrus’s Sketchbook
    • Cyrus always has a lot of ideas when it comes to great new furniture.
    • See what is in the works.
  • Pocket Camp Club Poll
    • Get to answer the poll and the game then share the results on the official Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp Twitter account.
  • Pocket Camp Club Gallery
    • Here players can look at a showcase of some of the layouts sent in by camp managers through the Twitter hashtag #ACPCGallery.

So what are these two plans? The first is the Happy Helper Plan which comes with a 30-day trial period. After that you need to subscribe to the plan for $2.99 per month. Under the plan, you can select any animal that you’ve met at your campsite and let them be your camp caretaker. This means that while you’re away, you have someone taking care of the animal requests. This is a great plan for those who want someone to help them with their camp. It also comes with 60 Leaf Tickets per month.

The second option is the Furniture and Fashion Plan. This one is priced at $7.99 per month and while it does cost more, the perks are not only different, but look to offer a lot more. With this plan, players get to choose and eat five fortune cookies per month from the cookies on sale. It's not all the cookies, but still a good deal. It also comes with extra storage, letting players store as much as 5,000 different items in various warehouses. The plan also allows players to register five campsite or cabin layouts plus an extra 10 outfits.

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp is a free-to-start mobile game where players get to explore nature, collect items to create their unique campsite, and make friends.

Animal Crossing Pocket Camp
Animal Crossing Pocket Camp: It's A Good Game, Brent
Animal Crossing Pocket Camp successfully preserves the charm and simplicity of the original while tweaking their formula for mobile.
  • Charming like the original
  • Fluid, sensible gameplay
  • Easy to find friends
  • Timers everywhere
  • Premium currency exists
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