Subverse Working on its First Major Update

A lot of new things being planned.
A lot of new things being planned. Studio FOW

Good news to all NSFW game fans out there. It looks like a new update is being planned for Subverse. Dubbed as the “Ela Update,” it’s going to introduce a new character, Elaisha Sorn. There are also new cinematics, a new enemy faction, and a new nebula.

Now before we go deeper into what’s being worked on, let’s give you an idea of what the game is all about. It’s a sci-fi parody where players get to command their own starship. Helping them along the way are rather interesting characters. By the way, did we mention that this is an NSFW game?

If you’re interested, it’s now available in Early Access on Steam. Also because of the content, you may need to log in to your Steam account to view the details.

The Main Event

Elaisha Sorn joins the game and offers a questline mixed with some Trojan horse and prison break. Her introduction will let players experience the homeworld of one of the girls, for the first time. It’s none other than Talissan, where the Kloi live.

Meet the Kloi

With their homeworld now accessible, the update introduces the Kloi as the new faction. As the dev team revealed in a post, it wouldn’t be a major update without the captain being able to mow down some enemies. Players need to prepare to take them in space and grid combat. Be extra careful with the grid combat boss fights, however.

Discover a New Nebula

In addition to a new homeworld, players can look forward to a new region. There are more than 100 new anomalies waiting to be discovered. One of these is the Meatbeat Station which is located inside Chutt space. There are also new characters that will give players sidequests.

Other New Stuff

What else can be expected from the upcoming update? Take at least 50 new Pandora scenes, which include additional scenes for DEMI, Lily, and Killi.

New Mantics are also available to discover and breed while new grid combat maps are coming to test your skill.

So any thoughts on this upcoming update?

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