‘Pokémon Go’ Articuno Location Revealed? Ohio Player Claims To Have Legendary [VIDEO]

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Articuno in the Pokemon anime
Articuno in the Pokemon anime Pokemon Company

It’s known there are supposed to be 151 Pokémon in Pokémon Go but there are only 145 available to catch/hatch in the game so far. Ditto, Mewto, Mew and the three Legendary Birds, Moltres, Articuno and Zapdos are all currently unavailable.

However, one Pokémon Go player claims to have been gifted Articuno from Niantic.

UPDATE: Niantic has released a statement on the Articuno sightings.

The reports of a trainer catching an Articuno in Pokémon Go first derived from a now deleted Reddit thread -- via Nerdist -- where some trainers claimed that a Gym in Ohio held an Articuno in it.

A local Dayton, Ohio Pokémon Go Facebook Page posted a video of an area trainer finding said Gym holding an Articuno.

Kaitlyn Covey, the supposed owner of the Articuno said that she was gifted the Legendary from Niantic, creators of Pokémon Go , as an apology for resetting her account.

While Niantic’s Pokémon Go updates have made the game buggier than when it started, it’s a little hard to believe the company would just gift one of the rarest Pokémon in the game for this mishap.

Not to mention when Covey was pressed for a screenshot of the Niantic email, she was hesitant to provide it.

Skepticism is warranted in this case of the Ohio Articuno because Niantic CEO John Hanke has confirmed that the rare Pokémon in Pokémon Go will be released in timed special events

Considering how easy it was to hack into Pokémon Go ’s code, this could easily be a hack or a reskin of another Pokémon but we will hold our judgment until Niantic comes forward about it.

Until then, let us know if you believe this Articuno is legit in the comments section below.

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