Street Fighter V: Luke Enters the Ring

Street Fighter V Luke
Street Fighter V Luke Capcom

Capcom has revealed the final set of Season 5 characters to be added in Street Fighter V. Fans can anticipate the return of Oro, Akira Kazama from the Rival Schools game, and the introduction of the final character, Luke.

Luke Enters the Ring

Game director Takayuki Nakayama and Producer Shuhei Matsumoto have revealed several things in the game’s Summer Update 2021. One of the new characters revealed was Luke.

Not much is said about him apart from the fact that he is the last one joining the Season 5 roster of fighters.

In the video, it appears that Luke has a kickboxing background and he can unleash a series of punches on his enemies, as well as some occasional kicks. Aside from that, you can also see that he can punch the air and create projectiles in the process.

Luke is coming to Street Fighter V sometime in November.

Oro and Akira are Coming as Well

Fans of Street Fighter III will be happy to know that Oro, the Hermit, is returning. In addition, Akira Kazama from another popular fighting game called Rival Schools will be released alongside Oro on August 16.

Oro’s kit is quite interesting. If you initiate his V-trigger move called “Tengu Midare Stone,” he will conjure five objects that he can use to create combos. While in this mode, you not only have the power to use his classic abilities but also have the chance to incorporate his new techniques.

Akira has some special tricks of her own. Her V-Skill II, known as “Tsutenda,” lets her punch the opponent to the air like in Rival Schools , allowing you to create a string of combos known as “Air Bursts.”

That is not the only thing that’s unique about her. Akira’s V-Trigger I ability, “Otoko No Senaka,” calls her brother Daigo to slam the opponent to the ground in an energy burst explosion.

Because Akira is joining the tournament, the devs have also included a new stage called the “Rival Riverside,” a familiar sight for those who have played Rival Schools. In fact, you might even see some of the characters from that game as well.

Online Tournament Mode

Online Tournament Mode
Online Tournament Mode Capcom

Aside from the new stage and two new characters, Oro and Akira, the devs will also launch the Online Tournament Mode on August 16.

It is a free mode that allows you to create or participate in online matches with the game’s community. You have the power to adjust your own rule sets to make the fights more fun and enjoyable.

For more information about the Summer Update 2021, you can read it on the official website.

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