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Street Fighter V Netcode
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Capcom producer Yoshinoro Ono took it to Twitter to confirm that Street Fighter V will be getting an official netcode update next week. The update will go live after a scheduled maintenance later this week along with the release of the Champion Edition.

We saw Capcom taking this action after a modder came up with a way to dramatically improved netcode issues on PC. However, this patch broke cross-platform play. The second patch the modder released made the issue even worse, creating netcode issues between PC players who were using different patches.

Since Street Fighter V is all about timed reflexes and is packed with super-fast action, it is necessary that players have a lag-free online experience. Currently, there is a bug in Street Fighter V that causes a player to experience lag behind the other player. This can lead to artificial lag and one sided rollbacks for the other player.

Here's a video showing the side-by-side comparison of one sided rollback.

With the new update, we hope that the netcode issue in Street Fighter V comes to an end and grants a smooth gaming experience to players across different platforms.

Street Fight V: Champion Edition is launching tomorrow on PC and PS4. The Champion Edition gives both returning and new players access to all 39 characters in a single package, along with a new character: Seth.

Seth originally debuted in Street Fighter IV as an antagonist. Seth was previously the CEO of Shadaloo's S.I.N. weapon division. In Street Fighter V, Seth is seen using a female body and judging from the character trailer for Seth, we expect to see the character getting a male costume too.

Here are all the confirmed moveset for Seth:

Normal Throws

  • Death Throw

V Skill I

  • Tanden Engine
  • Tanden Install
  • Install Art

V Skill II

  • Tanden Booster
  • Hecatoncheires Glide
  • Mad Spiral
  • Spin Pendulum

V-Trigger I

  • Tanden Ignition

V-Trigger II

  • Tanden Maneuver


  • Calamity Shutter

Unique Attacks

  • Step Shoot
  • Hazard Blow
  • Head Hunter
  • Turning Slicer
  • Twin Claw
  • Tanden Combination
  • Shoot Slicer
  • Fatal Rush

Special Moves

  • Hecatoncheires
  • Mad Cradle
  • Cruel Disaster
  • Annihilate Sword
  • Titanomachy (V-Trigger attack)
  • Mad Spin (V-Trigger attack)
  • Cyclone Disaster (V-Trigger attack)
  • Hell's Gate (V-Trigger attack)
  • Tanden Explode (V-Trigger attack)

Critical Art

  • Tanden Destruction
  • Tanden Extreme (V-Trigger attack)
Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition
Finally, A Complete Experience
SFV: Arcade Edition is the most complete version of Street Fighter V that brings in great single-player and local multiplayer additions.
  • Arcade mode is great
  • Team battle adds a fun local multiplayer element
  • Great value for anyone who didn’t buy the game originally
  • Arcade endings could be better
  • Why wasn't these additions included from the start?
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