Stranded: Alien Dawn Tweaks Trading Outpost in Patch v0.80.230331, Changelog Here

Be ready for new challenges.
Be ready for new challenges. Frontier Foundry

Stranded: Alien Dawn continues to get some love from the developer. After getting the major Sow and Sell update on March 29, the game got one more patch but not as big due to no new content.

The April 5 patch is mostly focused on general tweaking, balancing changes, and bug fixes. Energy Crystals have a higher cold tolerance now, which means they won’t wither during the winter. Players will now treat infection with antibiotics rather than with healing balm.

The highlights of the patch are mentioned below.

  • Increased the cold tolerance of Energy Crystals, so they don't wither during the winter
  • Infections are now treated with antibiotics, instead of healing balm
  • Survivors suffering from a meltdown will now run away if they are attacked, unless they are suffering from Catatonia
  • The Draft button no longer appears on hostile Junos
Trading Outpost scenario
  • The “Contact” button on the trading ship now allows the player to invite ships to trade with
  • The Trading pod now only stores 50 Fuel
  • The starting resources now includes some fuel
  • Added Metal alloys to the starting resources for Easy, Medium, and Hard difficulties
  • Adjusted selling price and cost of resources:
    • Ships now have preferred resources they will buy for a higher price or sell at a lower cost
    • Raw resources are overall sold for a lower price - the more difficult the raw resource is to obtain, the higher its price
    • Manufactured goods are now overall sold for a higher price - the more advanced and difficult the resource is to craft, the higher the price
    • Traded goods can now only be crafted with Hay, Wood, Stone, and Scrap metal, and their selling price has also been adjusted
  • The game will now continue to auto-save after the player selects "Continue playing" on the victory screen
  • Fixed workers with expired contracts trying to board the trading pod if it's been blocked or destroyed
  • Trade ships now wait an extra day if there is an ongoing trade as they are about to leave, providing more time for the trade ship to be loaded

The patch notes are available on Steam, where you can also purchase the game for only $29.99.

So, what do you think? Are you interested in any of these changes? Have you been playing Stranded: Alien Dawn recently? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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