Dead Island 2 Spoiler-Free Trophy List Revealed

Dead Island 2 has been officially re-revealed, and is set to launch on consoles and PC on February 3, 2023.
Dead Island 2 has been officially re-revealed, and is set to launch on consoles and PC on February 3, 2023. Deep Silver

Dead Island 2, the game that has been in development for a long time, is finally only a couple of weeks away, launching April 21 on all major platforms. With the release date so close, many fans are eagerly anticipating details about the trophies they can earn, and it seems that those details have finally been revealed.

The developer released a carefully curated, spoiler-free trophy list to TrueTrophies. In addition to achievements listed below, there is also a co-op trophy that requires players to revive a friend, and only then will they be able to obtain the elusive platinum trophy.

Below is a list of all the revealed trophies and their respective requirements.

  1. Making Your Mark – Complete 10 non-Story Quests.
  2. Rising Star – Complete 20 non-Story Quests.
  3. LA Influential – Complete 40 non-Story Quests.
  4. Ooh, Shiny! – Find your first Legendary Weapon.
  5. Zombologist – Unlock every zombie type in the Zompedia.
  6. On Safari – Complete the first tier of every Zombie Challenge.
  7. Variety is the Spice of Death – Complete the first tier of every Weapon Challenge.
  8. Zombicidal – Maniac Complete the first tier of every Combat Challenge.
  9. Survival Skills – Complete the first tier of every Survivor Challenge.
  10. Smorgasbord – Complete the first tier of every Exploration Challenge.
  11. Sharpest Tool in the Box – Complete 5 Lost & Found Weapon Quests.
  12. Sole – Survivor Complete all Lost & Found Missing Person Quests.
  13. Jumbo Keyring – Unlock 10 Lockboxes.
  14. Bookworm – Collect 20 Journals.
  15. Stacking the Deck – Collect 30 Skill Cards.
  16. Max Headroom – Reach level 30.
  17. Anger Management – Slay 50 zombies with Fury Attacks.
  18. This is My Weapon – Fully upgrade a Superior weapon and customize it with a mod or perk in every slot.
  19. Hazardous Materials – Slay 100 Zombies using Caustic, Fire, or Shock damage.
  20. Break a Leg – Maim 100 limbs.
  21. Slayer Squad – Complete any 5 quests in co-op.
  22. I Am the Resurrection – Revive other Slayers 5 times.
  23. Coup de Grâce – Slay 25 zombies using finishing moves.
  24. Perks of the Job – Complete 5 Blueprint Challenges.
  25. Donk! – Throw a melee weapon and hit a zombie 35+ meters away.
  26. Apex Predator – Knock down 10 Apex Variants.
  27. I Got a Zombie Army and You Can't Harm Me – Perform 25 perfect defensive moves.

Do you think you can get all the achievements? Are you looking forward to Dead Island 2? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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