Stranded: Alien Dawn Now Supports Mods in Latest Update

Mod and Steam Workshop Support Update
Mod and Steam Workshop Support Update Twitter/@strandedgame

The planet survival sim Stranded: Alien Dawn has received a new update recently that added mod support.

In the main menu, players will find the Mod Manager which not only presents them with mods they have already installed but also allows them to search for mods on the Steam Workshop.

Players who want to develop their own mods can utilize the tools found in the Mod Editor. These tools are so powerful that they enable players to create new survivors, add a new statue, and even alter how a plant works in Stranded: Alien Dawn, among others.

This update already included four mods:

  • Landing Pod Statue
    • A new statue of the Landing Pod which will work as a Leisure and Relaxation device for your survivors
  • Meat Plant
    • This new plant will grow raw red meat that your survivors can use in their cooking, or to feed hungry carnivorous pets
  • New Survivor: Chris "Jacko" Jackson
    • A brand new survivor you can add to your group, this prepper has lived on the alien world for a number of years, perfecting his kills in Combat, Construction and Crafting - he's an excellent addition to any team
  • Blue Moss Expedition
    • Discover the location of a new expedition containing a special Blue moss field - the plant can be brought back to your base and brewed into a pain relieving tea

Players who do not want to go through the hassle of creating their own mods can simply just download custom ones from the Steam Workshop.


  • Several adjustments to behavior and activity priorities, including the following:
  • Survivors now rescue other survivors with higher priority
  • Survivors no longer deliver excessive resources to construction sites
  • "Taking a walk" now takes less time
  • Adjusted the effect of the intellect skill on field observation duration
  • Adjusted the effect of the crafting skill on tailoring speed
  • Increased duration of relaxation pleasures for survivor happiness by 8 hours
  • Added a new direct order to haul resources from a storage/device that is not allowed to store specific resources
  • The direct order for hauling can be executed, even if the target stockpile/storage device is reserved by another survivor
  • Increased duration of the "Survivor determination" happiness factor by 50%
  • Fleeing survivors will now attempt to hide in rooms
  • Added the ability to reconstruct structures so that the material used can be changed. This is now available as an option instead of fully deconstructing and building a replacement
  • Added the ability to mirror tasks set to be completed at Campfires and Production devices to another device of the same type. To do this, select the device that you wish to mirror tasks to, select Mirror, and then select the device that you wish to mirror tasks from

So, will you make your own mod for Stranded: Alien Dawn or just download some from the workshop?

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