Stranded: Alien Dawn to Release Tame and Train Update This January 24

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The second major content update for Stranded: Alien Dawn is coming this January 24. The Tame and Train update is set to introduce a wide range of new features.

One of the new features from this update is the addition of dogs. Three breeds of dogs will become available for everyone to tame, and their appearance is based on the Boxer, Great Dane, and Weimaraner. These dogs can be trained to fight alongside survivors and also help them relax and improve their happiness. To get that happiness high, survivors need to bond with dogs and this is easy peasy by spending time with them.

Animal Taming

Of course, the main feature of the update is animal taming. By researching "Animal Taming," players can unlock the ability to tame animals, and taming an animal needs food and a certain level of Farming skill. The type of food and skill level depend on the animal they want to tame. That means players have to observe first the animal they want to tame, however, not all animals are tameable with food. Some have to be pacified first before they can be tamed, while others are just impossible to tame.

Once a creature is tamed, players should get access to different options. Besides raising happiness, some are perfect as livestock and they can be bred, fattened up, and then slaughtered to fill the food stores.

There are also those with combat skills that grow stronger when trained. Many tamed creatures bring something different to the table. Junos, for example, can be a tank-like defender while Shriekers can offer ranged support.

Meet Hugo Delano

The new update is also introducing a new survivor to the game. Hugo Delano was once a zookeeper who became a resistance fighter when war broke out on his planet to protect different creatures. When he became a renowned veteran, he made the decision to travel to the stars and learn more about all species of the cosmos. This animal expert not only succeeds at taming a creature but can even teach farming techniques to other survivors.

Stranded: Alien Dawn is a planet survival sim where the fate of a small group hinges on the player’s every choice. Important decisions need to be made to protect survivors from starvation, disease, and extreme weather, to name a few. Players have to defend themselves against a hostile alien wildlife by creating a stronghold.

Stranded: Alien Dawn is available on PC through Steam Early Access, offered at $29.99.

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