Stranded: Alien Dawn Dunes and Moons Update Now Available

Dunes and Moons Update
Dunes and Moons Update Steam

The highly anticipated Dunes and Moons Update for the planet survival sim Stranded: Alien Dawn just dropped and is now available on Steam. This patch introduces a new biome and a new survivor, among many others.

What’s New?

The Desertum is the latest biome introduced in the game. Plant life and resources are scarce in this arid region, so you must think of ways to maximize what you have in order for the team to survive.

In addition, Sora Satoh is the latest survivor in Stranded: Alien Dawn. She is a native of Desertum, where she joined the local militia to protect her family from lawless elements. She’s an amazing markswoman due to her keen eye and quick reflexes.

Her traits include Sniper Eye, which increases her fire rate when using ranged weapons. Additionally, being born in the desert has allowed her to tolerate the weather differences in the new biome better than other survivors. And lastly, she only eats vegetables, so any meat that you have gathered can be fed to other members in the group.

You can read the other new content and changes from this patch:

  • Three New Moons
    • Jason: The presence of Jason provides survivors with plenty of adversity, but offers ample time for them to prepare and recover from events
    • Nyx: Nyx influences wildlife to attack more frequently during the hours of darkness
    • Chaos: Chaos lives up to its namesake, with unpredictable events all-but-guaranteed
  • Overall Difficulty
    • Difficulty levels have been adjusted for balance, so lower levels of difficulty are now less challenging, delivering a much broader range for both new and experienced players alike
    • New Game Rules:
    • Peace first: removes animal attacks
    • Random Survivors: gives all survivors a perk, but randomly selects the group for you for an exciting challenge
  • Adjusted some cases where the amount of animals during an attack were too numerous
  • Flying insects/Hummingfly can no longer attack through roofs
  • Improved range/visibility of flamethrower and missile launcher to match the indicated area of effect
  • Traps and mines can now be placed in groups by holding left click and dragging
  • The happiness modifier that can be gained in the case a survivor is interested in combat, is now correctly applied when survivors are Drafted and engaged in combat
  • The happiness modifier for Paulette Marota carrying out her favorite relaxation is now correctly applied
  • Pleasures and troubles related to food and relaxation variety now occur later in the game
  • So long as the required resources have been acquired, it is now possible to construct; Large scrap metal drying rack, Metal oil press, Concrete fortifications, and Concrete Towers
  • All chair types now have the same space restrictions
  • Rooms can now be connected to multiple power grids

The full patch notes can be found here.

Stranded: Alien Dawn Dunes and Moons Update is available on PC.

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