The Stir Of Dawn Update For Blasphemous Gets An August 4 Launch Date

This free DLC will also add a New Game+ mode to the highly successful 2D metroidvania.
Stir of Dawn, a free DLC for Blasphemous, has been announced by publisher Team17.
Stir of Dawn, a free DLC for Blasphemous, has been announced by publisher Team17. Team17

Blasphemous, publisher Team17 and developer The Game Kitchen's Souls-like platforming game, has just announced that it will be releasing a huge, free update. Dubbed The Stir of Dawn, the free update will see the addition of a number of new features to the already solid and content-filled metroidvania.

As announced on publisher Team17’s official website, The Stir of Dawn will add a New Game+ mode for those who want a more brutal and unforgiving experience, updated voice acting plus a full support for the Spanish language option. The in-game Penitence mechanic has also undergone a change. However, this is optional for those who want to experience Blasphemous at its most true and raw form.

Mechanics and balance changes have also been updated with The Stir of Dawn, which includes buffed prayers, rosary bead, and sword heart updates. Small tweaks for enemies will also be in the update. Other features included in The Stir of Dawn are new storylines, NPCs, bosses, enemy classes, and huge areas to discover. A new execution and counter attack mechanic has also been added to the gameplay. A revamped map system with additional fast travel locations will also be featured. Finally, new items, animations, and level art reworks will be introduced in the free expansion.

For those who aren’t in the know, Blasphemous is a Souls-like metroidvania which centers on the protagonist only known as The Penitent One. Trapped in an endless cycle of death and rebirth, players must guide The Penitent One towards enlightenment until they can discover the origin of his curse and why he survived the massacre known as the Silent Sorrow. Players can travel the world in a nonlinear fashion, wield the Mea Culpa to strike down their foes using a vast array of combos and special moves, and customize their playstyle using a number of relics, rosary beads, and more that give abilities or stat boosts that provide an edge in battle.

The Stir of Dawn is set to launch for Blasphemous on August 4 for all platforms. Blasphemous is currently available to play for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC via Steam.

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