Stellaris: Console Edition to Release MegaCorp Expansion on January 26

Capitalism is war.
Capitalism is war. Paradox Interactive

Stellaris: Console Edition announced that its latest DLC MegaCorp is arriving on January 26. The new content comes as part of the third expansion pass. MegaCorp gives players the chance to bring their federation to a new era of prosperity and profit in an economy-focused expansion.

Players can choose to become the CEO of a powerful corporate empire. This route involves undermining the role of the State. They can also go for the route of a Criminal Heritage MegaCorp. This replaces all forms of government with a crime syndicate. Not happy with those? Try being a MegaChurch and preach the gospel to the masses to push Spiritualist Ideology across the galaxy.

Here are the features of this new DLC:

  • Corporate Culture
    • Bigwigs and C-suite execs of a MegaCorp are able to do business on a galaxy-wide scale through a host of new civics.
    • Construct Branch Offices on planets within empires that they have trade agreements with.
      • MegaCorp can add a portion of the planet’s Trade Value to their own network.
    • With the new Corporate Authority government type, players can build a financial powerhouse in order to dominate galactic trade.
  • City World
    • Through Ecumenopolis, players can now increase the population density of core worlds to proportions that can be considered as “too big to fail”.
    • The goal is to create a megacity that spans multiple planets.
  • Caravaneer Fleets
    • There are nomadic trades that walk the thin line between salesman and scammer.
    • While they stay aloof when it comes to galactic politics, they always have a sales trick or two up their sleeve.
    • Expect surprises to come especially when these master barterers are involved.
  • More Megastructures
    • It’s time to create your very own:
      • Matter Decompressor
      • Mega-Art Installation
      • Strategic Coordination Center
    • Players have the green light to get the new scaling capabilities for their megalopolis.
  • Galactic Slave Market
    • Acquire and dispose of labor on an industrial scale.
    • Players have the choice to give them freedom or keep them as livestock.
  • VIP Status Comes with its Perks
    • Ascension Perks ensure that your economy remains competitive.

The DLC also offers three more Advisors and four music tracks that can accompany them as they conquer the galaxy.

The MegaCorp Expansion is the third content to arrive as part of the Stellaris: Console Edition Expansion Pass 3. The two previous DLCs are Lithoids Species Pack and Distant Stars Story Pack.

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