Stellar Warfare July 23 Update Adds Super Ships and Bug Fixes

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Stellar Warfare recently received an update that added two new super ships, new settings, and bug fixes.

New Content

This update welcomed two new super ships, namely Behemoth and End Of Days into the abilities menu. If you are looking for missile launchers to add, you can now get the anti-building missile launcher found in the shipyard.

New Settings

The developers added Bloom Intensity to the main menu and in-game options as requested by players frequently; this should boost the normal Bloom effect. Along with the Bloom Intensity, the developers also added Radius sliders to the game.

Stellar Warfare July 23 Update

New features
  • Added Minimap Size slider in the in-game options menu
  • Hosts can now kick players from the multiplayer lobbies
  • It is now possible to rotate ships in the fleet editor menu using all axis. Use LMB or MMB to rotate and/or reset ship rotation
  • Ship Direct Control mod now has new controls, new UI, dedicated page in the in-game options
  • Players now can select targets to focus in the Direct Control by clicking on them
  • Ships now has new navigation and movement logic that should fix all known issues with acceleration or/and rotation
  • Minor updates to the selection circles and movement markers
  • Updated values of price reducing utility modules
  • Updated refinery description
  • Plasma defense fortress price changed to 600/600
  • Updated map descriptions and balanced enabled anomaly positions
  • Floating text now has specific color for metal and energy gained
  • Laserdef burstsize reduce from 4 to 3 Laserdef cooldown increased from 30 to 45. Both of these changes are made to make missiles slightly more effective in protracted battles.
  • Fixed bomber damage in Single Player game modes
  • Fixed selecting allied units by double clicking on the allied buildings in the Multiplayer game modes
  • Removed weapon chart bars showing on ship frames in the ship editor menu
  • Fixed AI units “freezing” in one place sometimes
  • Fixed transport sound sometimes not playing correctly in BR
  • Fixed players joining password-protected lobbies via Find match
  • Shipyard and anomaly extractors no longer can be escalated/boosted
  • Fixed units stay in selected list after death.

You can read more about the update here.

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