Stellar Blade Challenges You to Take on the New Boss Challenge Mode

Can you take on the challenge? Shift Up

It looks like Eve's mission isn't finished. That's because a new update has arrived in Stellar Blade and introduces a new way to play and test your skills.

Get ready for the Boss Challenge where you get to fight against 19 of the bosses from the base game. This is where you get to hone your skills, outwit enemies, and hopefully brutalize opponents. To progress in the Boss Challenge Mode, you'll need to have battle data from the bosses that you've managed to defeat previously. You can also fight these bosses on Hard difficulty setting after you've seen the ending of the game.

To begin the challenge, you'll need to either load up and use the gear you've been using or choose one of several presets available. For those who want to check out the challenge, they can use the maximum preset where all the skills and stats are buffed up. Meanwhile, if you're one of those looking for a real challenge then go ahead and select the minimum preset.

Once the challenge is done, the battle data is immediately analyzed. You should see information like battle time, the number of perfect parries and dodges, and consumable usage, to name a few. You can also compare your results with friends or other players. For those who can defeat all bosses in the Boss Challenge on at least Normal difficulty setting, they get to earn the Neurolink Suit for Eve.

New Content

In addition to a new mode, players can also look forward to new Nano Suits. These ones are sure to bring out the beauty in Eve even more. Two of such suits are the White Kunoichi and Black Kunoichi.

QoL Improvements

The update also introduces quality-of-life changes to the game. For example, where you switch to ranged attack mode and switch back while locked on to an enemy, you automatically lock on to the enemy again. Another improvement is the addition of an option to always show the compass in the HUD.

PC Version

Stellar Blade was released in April 2024 and available for the PlayStation 5. However, considering that the sales of the game has "exceeded expectations," it seems that developer Shift Up! is looking into releasing a PC version. This should really be exciting, especially for players on the PC.

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