New Game Plus to be Available in Stellar Blade at Launch

The game just got even more exciting. Shift Up

Eve's mission to save humanity official begins when Stellar Blade launches April 26. However, there is even more exciting news as Shift Up revealed that New Game Plus is going to be available at launch. This new mode comes with new costumes to wear, expanded gear levels, and even a set of new skills.

That said, let's start with the expanded wardrobe. In New Game Plus, you not only get new costumes and accessories for Eve but also additional costumes for Lily, Adam, and even the Drone. To get access to these, simply re-open the chests where you obtained the costumes. You can also go to the shops which sell them. Just in case you missed them on your first playthrough, don't hesitate to replay the quests and earn those costumes.

There's a total of 34 new outfits for Eve to earn. Meanwhile it's five accessories and two cosmetics each for Adam, Lily, and the Drone. By the way, the Crew Style can only be obtained in the New Game Plus chest so keep an eye out for it.

Gear Expansion

The new mode also expands the gear levels which include:

  • Weapon
    • From 15 to 40
  • Body
    • From 6 to 9
  • Beta
    • From 6 to 9
  • Tumbler
    • From 5 to 13

The remaining cores can be sold at SP0-tt2r's shop to obtain Vitcoin, which could then be used to buy new costume items.

For players who have seen the ending of the game, they can challenge themselves and try out the harder difficulties. However, to fight tougher enemies it means Eve needs to get stronger. This is where New Game Plus comes in. That's because in addition to continuing your progression, you can also collect Cores that can power up Eve's weapons, HP, and Beta Energy even more than in the base game.

Other improvements include further enhancing the Tumbler to increase the amount of HP it heals at once and upgrading the Drone to increase the power of ranged attacks.

Once all upgrades have been completed, you can now sell the Core items earned to SP0-tt2r and buy new costumes.

New Skills

New Game Plus also allows you to earn Infinite skills which are enhancements to existing Beta Skills. There's going to be:

  • 4 new Beta skill moves
  • 8 new skills to enhance Beta/Burst skills
  • 5 new Drone skills

​​Now the thing is, it's not only Beta Skills which can be enhanced but also Burst Skills. To unlock them all be sure to defeat the enemies and earn SP (Skill Points).

Excited for the game to officially come out? Stellar Blade is available for the PlayStation 5.

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