Stationeers Update 0.2.2973.14824: New Content and Bug Fixes

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Stationeers recently received an update that added new content and fixed bugs. This update revolves around power and how to manage it. The new wireless Power Transmitters are very useful as players can lay them far apart without dealing with all that cable management. The developers have also introduced a Stirling Engine, which is an electric generator. This engine is an essential device for upcoming power developments.

The developers are testing a feature that will make the terrain look smooth. Even though this is just a small visual update, it does make the game look better. Additionally, an issue where reinforced windows appeared to be broken when they shouldn’t have, has been fixed by this update.

Stationeers Update 0.2.2973.14824

  • Added Laptop
  • Added Wireless Power Transmitters and Receivers.
  • Added Constructing sounds to Planter.
  • Added first pass of virtualized rendering, currently for walls and frames. This bypasses Unity's culling and rendering system, allowing us to move culling work from CPU to GPU.
  • Added “allspark” server command, sets most items to powered without the need for cabling or a power source.
  • Added experimental terrain smoothing option
  • Added Thermogenic plants
  • Fixed frame rate lag on creative item spawn menu.
  • Fixed Rotating Satellite dish causing fps drops when connected to computer.
  • Fixed UI performance optimization for slots.
  • Fixed frame-time spikes when swapping active hand and picking-up/dropping items
  • Fixed 10 ms frame-time spike every atmospheric tick on large bases.
  • Fixed further performance optimizations for tooltip.
  • Optimized instanced rendering
  • Added Virtualized Rendering setting.
  • Fixed Search input field is automatically in focus when opening the search window of manufacturing machines.
  • Fixed Polish pass on seated positions for all chairs.
  • Fixed food appearing very small in fridges.
  • Fixed Insulated Pipe not working with Pipe Meters to work when on certain rotations.
  • Fixed DLAA setting causing portrait camera to look odd.
  • Fixed Stationeers Levitating when seated in ChairBooth middle and Flat Bench
  • Fixed chair placement. Chairs can now only be placed on the flat and require support.
  • Fixed wearing Marine Armor causing errors to appear due to not having an internal atmosphere.
  • Fixed rotations on Fridge Small and Big.
  • Fixed error spam caused by coupling unit when placing certain rocket modules.
  • Fixed mineables floating after exiting and entering a new world.
  • Fixed CloseAll Button not hiding correctly when all Inventory windows closed.
  • Fixed loading saves with walls being broken and/or placing walls would have all build states visible.
  • Fixed pressure overflow text on AtmosAnalyser.
  • Fixed Setting advanced furnace input/output pumps programmatically is unbounded
  • Fixed the size of terrain manipulator thumbnail size
  • Fixed terrain manipulator thumbnail colors
  • Fixed gas canister oxygen exit tool
  • Fixed inventory slot displays sometimes incorrectly highlighted

You can read more about the update here.

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