Stationeers: Nitrogen Ice and Appliances Added in Update v0.2.3456.16909

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The space construction and management sim Stationeers got a new patch recently. The July 19 Update added appliances and Nitrogen Ice to the game.

Appliances and Fabricators are now available in Stationeers. They are used as sources of ignition and can also provide a small amount of heat when they operate. Although they are pretty handy in certain situations, be cautious when using them in environments filled with volatile elements. They might cause an explosion if you’re not careful!

In addition, Nitrogen Ice will now spawn on worlds that normally have freezing temperatures throughout. It can be used as an inert gas, which will come in handy in the future as the developers introduce new core concepts, such as oxygen and carbon dioxide toxicity. Nitrogen Ice is also useful in reducing flammability in the atmosphere.

Here are the other interesting things implemented in Update v0.2.3456.16909:

  • Fixed in-game hair variant not changing correctly when wearing hats or helmets
  • Added ability to ping UI slots for tutorials
  • Fixed misc NREs when loading a game on dedicated
  • Fixed saving spinner being visible when you launch the game until a game is saved
  • Minor optimizations to logic screw audio noises.
  • Optimized occlusion manager handling of dynamic things.
  • Optimized movement controller to reduce memory allocation for jumping and emotes.
  • Fixed Star settings were not being correctly applied to the world. New Star class (may require a change by modded worlds) applied for the two-star mappings. Also optimized the star rotation and material functionality.
  • Added German suit voice.
  • Updated Audio processing on English suit voice.
  • Added placeholders and migration methods for the new save directory structure.
  • Fixed broken seams between chunks. This is an exploratory fix, it may now allow seams to be better sealed. This allows chunks to make as many rebuild tasks as it likes.
  • Fixed normal maps too heavy for new human cosmetic pack faces
  • Added Large Passive Radiator. It is optimized for convective cooling/heating and will be most effective in environments with world atmosphere. The Device is fully passive and the liquid/Gas will flow through the radiator in the direction of pressure.
  • Added DLC cosmetic hair to all female and male DLC characters.
  • Updated all menu scene previews for the world to be more interesting, with additional prefabs and more effects, new textures, and models.
  • Optimized Chunk Generation and item out of bounds despawning to reduce memory churn and CPU usage in cleaning up, especially when lots of chunks are being rendered at once or items are falling out of bounds.

The full changelog can be found here.

Stationeers Update v0.2.3456.16909 is available on PC.

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