Stationeers July 7 Update: Tutorials Return and Save File Changes

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Stationeers recently received a new update that added changes to save files and bug fixes. It also brought back the Tutorials, which are useful for new players.

Save File Changes

From this update onward, autosaves and manual saves will be grouped together, similar to most other games. The developers made this change because it helps the game to be more intuitive and improves the server’s state. They will go over this feature in great detail in the future.


During the major coding update for the game, the old tutorial system got completely messed up and was not working as intended. Players had to watch other content creators or explore themselves to learn more about the game.

The developers did not leave it just like that and did everything possible to get the system working. This update shows that with the return of Tutorials, which is a key in helping newbies. Although it is working, the developers want the community to send feedback to improve the tutorial system.

Stationeers Update v0.2.3403.16721

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed autosave not happening on thread
  • Fixed Can't push exit session button.
  • Fixed Game autosaves while paused.
  • Fixed Starting a new game after exiting a game continues saving in the previous games folder.
  • Fixed additional bugs with the tutorials
  • Added a note when starting the first tutorial
  • Fixed Leave Session button not working sometimes
  • Fixed Next Tutorial button not working.
  • Fixed Spawn atmos creative command throws error in main menu.
  • Fixed AutoSave triggering when in main menu.
  • Fixed Players cannot use strings "saves," "Backup," and "AutoSave" in their save name. (Temporary pending improvements to save file management).
  • Fixed Can't use an existing save name when starting a new game.
  • Added help logfile command for markdown
  • Fixed up -loadlatesttest for dedicated based on new saves changes
  • Fixed being able to save during Tutorial
  • Fixed Deleting a Save that had the name "Backup" would delete the saves folder.
  • Fixed Error during saving when starting a new game.
  • Fixed Error saving in a new game when no backups exist
  • Fixed autosave backups not be appended
  • Fixed If a save has no backups currentWorldInfo is not set
  • Disabled autosave in Tutorial.
  • Fixed Tutorials won't start after save loading change.
  • Added auto save class for single responsibility
  • Removed old autosave logic and replaced with current save logic for consistency
  • Added new method for handling save backup index before a save is generated
  • Fixed Error where some backup saves got incorrect meta file.
  • Fixed Deleting a save game throws an error and only deletes the backups.

You can read more about the update here.

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