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It's time to get hyped up again because it turns out that along with two other projects, creator Eric "ConcernedApe" Barone is also cooking up new stuff for Stardew Valley.

Barone didn't say anything about what the 1.5 update might include, but the 1.4 update added a huge number of new items, cosmetics, and monsters, 14 new music tracks, romance events, quality-of-life improvements, and an end-game mystery in an abandoned building. The sky is the limit here for the next one.

Barone spent nearly five years working 60-70 hours every week on Stardrew Valley. It was all worth it, as he said, "seeing your idea and world come to life before your eyes is extremely rewarding & satisfying."

Here are the patch notes for 1.4, as a reminder of everything added in the last update.

New content and features

  • Added movie theater unlocked in late game, with related content and features.
  • Added 14-heart events for every spouse.
  • Added new events and dialogue (including a new heart event for Caroline).
  • Added clothing items equipped on the player (replaces former clothing appearance options).
  • Added clothes tailoring and dyeing.
  • Added 24 new hair styles, including bald heads.
  • Added Four Corners farm map (meant for co-op, divides the land into four areas with their own perks).
  • Added Fish Ponds to breed fish and produce items.

Added new items:

  • 181 shirts;
  • 35 hats;
  • 14 pants (including dresses, skirts, and shorts);
  • 2 boots;
  • 38 decorative items obtained in various ways (e.g. new events);
  • 17 new flooring options;
  • 2 new Secret Notes;
  • two fish: Flounder and Midnight Carp;
  • Artifact Troves (can be broken open by Clint to yield artifacts);
  • Caviar, Roe, and Aged Roe;
  • Dark Sword;
  • Deluxe Scarecrow (given when you collect all rarecrows, has double the radius);
  • Dinosaur Mayonnaise (processed from Dinosaur Eggs);
  • Golden Scythe;
  • Mini-Jukebox (place anywhere on the farm or in farm buildings to play previously-heard music);
  • Mini-Fridges (place inside to extend your fridge capacity);
  • Rice crop;
  • Seafoam Pudding (fishing level 9 cooking recipe);
  • Shrimp Cocktail (recipe learned from the Queen of Sauce episode on Winter 25 Y2);
  • Squid Ink;
  • Sunflower Honey (produced by beehouses);
  • Tea bushes, Tea Leaves and Green Tea;
  • Training Rod (easier fishing but only catches common fish);
  • Tree Fertilizer (non-fruit trees grow more quickly);
  • Warp Totem: Desert;
  • Wilted Bouquet (crafted from a Bouquet), which lets you break up with NPCs you’re dating;
  • Workbench (lets you craft with ingredients in adjacent chests);
  • Wood Chipper (breaks hardwood and driftwood into wood).

Multiplayer changes

  • Added optional separate money in multiplayer.
  • Added support for private chat messages.
  • Added more multiplayer “server messages”.
  • Added a /ping chat command which prints the current ping to the host (for farmhands) or to each farmhand (for the host).
  • Added a /kick chat command.
  • Added /ban and /unban chat commands. Bans are per-farm, and the command can be called with a farmer name, user ID, or IP address. in all cases it will ban the user, not the farmhand character.
  • Added multiplayer synchronization for…
  • daily luck;
  • bulletin board quests (in most cases);
  • trains;
  • lightning bolts;
  • mine fog events;
  • lost book collection;
  • merchants’ limited stock;
  • drum/flute blocks;
  • adjustments to the fishing bobber’s position while it’s midair;
  • the animation when a player has a fish on the line.
  • When creating a new multiplayer form, the Starting Cabins option now defaults to 1 instead of None.
  • Each player now has a separate mailbox and spouse porch area.
  • Each player can now build a separate cellar.
  • When a player drops an item in multiplayer, other nearby players now have priority for picking it up.
  • You can now see other players’ scores during certain festivals in Multiplayer.
  • Quests in multiplayer now set difficulty based on the highest-level player.
  • In the Skull Cavern, mine shafts now drop players to the same level in multiplayer.
  • In multiplayer, many random checks now use the team’s average luck instead of only the host’s luck.
  • If connecting to a multiplayer server fails, the game will now retry internally before giving up.
  • The reward for completing the Bulletin Board bundle is now applied to all players in multiplayer.
  • Moving a Shipping Bin no longer leaves behind its lid for other players on a multiplayer farm.

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