Star Wars: The Old Republic Change Your Weapon's Appearance via Outfitter in Update 7.0.2

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Update 7.0.2 for Star Wars: The Old Republic will be deployed later today. One of the highlights of the update is that players can change the appearance of their weapons.

The idea is similar to weapon transmog in games like Destiny 2. Basically, players can have a weapon equipped that will determine the stats applied to their characters. Then, they can stamp the appearance of another weapon via the Outfitter, so long as it is of the same type.

Unlike other games, however, SWTOR is unique in the sense that the weapon assigned to the Outfitter slot determines the customization options seen and heard in the game. This applies to things like the weapon’s unique audio, color crystals, and weapon tunings.

In addition, some currencies have been renamed to avoid confusion as to which content they are related to. Medal of Commendation, for example, is now called Conquest Commendation. Also, the dev team has made some adjustments to Conquest Commendations. For one, the currency cap has been raised to 2,500 and the weekly cap has been raised to 1,500. Conquest Commendations can now be exchanged for Tech Fragments at the Spoils of War vendor as well.


  • The following currencies have been renamed to clarify what content the currencies are related to:
    • Aquatic Resource Matrix is now Daily Resource Matrix
    • Hazardous Matter Catalyst is now OP-1 Catalyst
    • Thyrsian Production Accelerant is now WZ-1 Accelerant
    • Decurion Isotope Stabilizer is now FP-1 Stabilizer
  • Fixed an issue where companions were missing attacks, taunts, and heals, as well as some of their stats
  • It is no longer possible to claim Guest Companions’ gear once they become unavailable
  • The compact option in the inventory window is now correctly working
  • There is now a clear distinction between locked and unlocked Utilities in the Character Sheet window
  • The Ability icons in the Loadout tab no longer light up when selected, as intended
  • Spoils of War set bonuses now correctly state that they do not apply above level 75
  • Premium Gear Containers from Onslaught Missions are now correctly rewarding gear
  • Kai Zykken’s Unidentified Set Bonus boxes now correctly grant items
  • Artifact Lockboxes from Ossus can now be opened
  • The Ability window is no longer overlapping with the Ability Tree after opening the Combat Style window and alternating between the Abilities tab and the Ability Tree tab

Update 7.0.2 is expected to go live at 1 p.m. EST.

Star Wars: The Old Republic is available on PC.

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