Star Wars: The Old Republic Launches Galactic Seasons

The first ever. BioWare

Star Wars: The Old Republic officially launched Galactic Seasons. The first is titled “The Stranger from Kubindi” and is expected to run for five months. Players are tasked with finishing Daily and Weekly Priority Objectives in return for rewards.

Like some other games, the rewards are divided into two different tracks. One is available to all players with the other exclusive for subscribers. This new feature arrives along with Game Update 6.3 and you can read more about what this update offers here.

Galactic Seasons Points

Galactic Seasons are offering players 100 levels with the progress made possible by getting Galactic Seasons Points. Each level needs eight Galactic Season Points, for a total of 800 points in the whole season. The three ways players can earn points are:

  • Logging into the game.
    • Earn Galactic Season Points through Login Rewards by simply logging in any four days of the week.
    • Free and Preferred players receive four Galactic Season Points per week.
    • Subscribers receive four Galactic Season Points per week.
  • Completing Daily Priority Objectives
    • Free and Preferred players receive two Galactic Season Points each.
    • Subscribers receive three Galactic Season Points each.
  • Completing Weekly Priority Objectives
    • Free and Preferred players receive eight Galactic Season Points each.
    • Subscribers receive 12 Galactic Season Points each.

It’s clear that Subscribers get more points and this means they can finish the season faster. However, the development team assures Free-to-Play and Preferred players can reach Level 100 as long as they finish Priority Objectives and consistently log in to the game.

As the season progresses, the game will offer what’s known as a catch-up system. This allows players to spend some in-game credits to earn new levels. Players can also use Cartel Coins to get additional levels.

Two New Vendors

Galactic Seasons introduces two new vendors:

  • Jaleit Nall
    • Features classic and previously unobtainable promotional rewards with a few new things sprinkled in.
    • Items sold here can be purchased using the new Galactic Season Tokens.
    • The inventory rotates over time.
  • Ki'at Thavo
    • Ki’at Thavo’s inventory has a select offering of Seasonal rewards found on the Subscriber reward track.
    • The items can be bought using Galactic Season Tokens.
    • This should give Free-to-Play or Preferred players a chance to buy Subscriber Reward Track rewards.

You can learn more about what the new Galactic Season has to offer here.

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