Star Wars: The Old Republic to Launch Galactic Seasons

Having its own season pass.
Having its own season pass. BioWare

It was back in December 2020 when Star Wars: The Old Republic released Update 6.2. One of the big changes was the introduction of the Login Rewards system, which is a way for players to easily collect rewards.

This month, developers revealed what players can expect with Galactic Seasons. Using the system, Galactic Seasons will emphasize more valuable rewards.

For now, the plan is to have each season last for around five months and per season, players have the chance to get through 100 Reward Levels. To progress, players get Daily and Weekly challenges known as Priority Objectives, composed pretty much of new or existing Conquest Objectives.

What’s surprising to know is that all Reward Levels need the same amount of points to progress. That means going from Level 1 to Level 2 has the same effort as moving from Level 99 to Level 100.

By now, it should be obvious it works like the Season Pass or Battle Pass in other games. So, expect two Reward Tracks happening where one is free and offered to all players while another one is exclusive to Subscribers.

Players on free-to-play and Preferred accounts get to unlock all Subscriber rewards that they are eligible for. If they reach Level 50 in the free track and make the decision to subscribe, they immediately get the exclusive rewards from Level 1 to Level 50. The same goes for those who didn't subscribe. If a player is at Level 80 and chooses to unsubscribe and then reaches Level 100, they won't be able to receive exclusive rewards from Level 81 to Level 100 unless they resubscribe.

Below are the rewards players can get:

  • Free Track
    • New Kubaz Companion Character: Altuur zok Adon
    • Premium Adon Companion Gifts
    • Seasonal Armor Set
    • Silver Cartel Weapon Crate
    • Silver Cartel Armor Crate
    • Silver Cartel Mount Crate
    • Galactic Season Tokens
    • Seasonal Decorations
    • Seasonal Title
  • Subscriber Track
    • 2,000 Cartel Coins
    • Prototype Adon Companion Gifts
    • Artifact Adon Companion Gifts
    • Legendary Adon Companion Gifts
    • Companion Weapon
    • Companion Armor Set
    • Companion Customization
    • Seasonal Armor Set
    • Seasonal Weapons
    • Seasonal Mounts
    • Seasonal Tokens
    • Seasonal Decorations
    • Seasonal Titles

You can learn more about the Galactic Seasons here.

Do you think introducing a Season Pass for Star Wars: The Old Republic is good for the game?

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