Here's What's Coming in the Next Star Wars: The Old Republic Update

Ready to visit a new planet?
Ready to visit a new planet? Bioware

There’s a new update arriving soon in Star Wars: The Old Republic and the highlight is the new planet in Ruhnuk. Titled “Showdown on Ruhnuk,” Game Update 7.2 also brings new story content and a new Daily Area. Players can look forward to experiencing improvements on the player interface, the revamp to PvP, and a new PvP map.

The new story follows Shae Vizla, also known as Mandalore the Avenger, who is currently in pursuit of the main base of operations of the rogue Mandalorian Heta Kol. This led her to Ruhnuk, a rather inhospitable planet that lies at the heart of an electrical nebula.

Ruhnuk is a new planet in Star Wars and something that no one has ever seen before. It’s mainly dry and arid but there are river valleys that cut through the desert-like landscape.

Once they arrive on the planet, players need to assist Mandalore’s forces in the aftermath of the main story mission where they get to learn more about what is truly important to the Mandalorians under Shae Vizla’s command. Players need to track down one of Field Marshal Heta Kol’s ruthless followers as he conducts secret experiments.

PvP Improvements

Let’s start first with the big change in PvP now featuring two queues. Players can now choose between 8v8 or 4v4. This should allow for more balanced matches along with quicker matchmaking. It also offsets the ability for win-trading and gives more agency to choose between Warzones and Arenas. Players can also join eight-player groups.

All those who participate in PvP get a new seasonal reward track, which runs in parallel with Galactic Seasons, with three PvP seasons planned per year. Players can also enjoy the new 4v4 Arena map on Onderon known as the Onderon Palatial Ruins.

Gear Progression

Another majorly touched by the update is the gear progression, with the following changes:

  • Power Ceiling Increase
    • Increased allowing players to obtain stronger gear by playing.
    • Noble, Elite, and Supreme Decurion Gear from Conquest and Flashpoints as well as Tionese, Columi, and Rakata Gear from Operations can now be upgraded to item rating 336.
    • Thyrsian gear, available from PvP, is now upgradeable to item rating 332.
  • Power Floor Increase
    • The Power Floor has been increased to lower the time required for new players to catch up and participate in endgame activities. This is going to change:
      • From 318 to 322 for PvP.
      • From 320 to 324 for PvE.
    • Rewards from Legacy of the Sith story missions have also been increased to item rating 322.

You can keep yourself updated on what’s happening in Star Wars: The Old Republic through its website here. Star Wars: The Old Republic is an MMORPG based on the Star Wars universe available on PC.

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