Star Wars: The Old Republic Celebrates 11 Years

Happy anniversary.
Happy anniversary. Bioware

Star Wars: The Old Republic celebrates its 11th year anniversary and to say that a lot has happened would be an understanding. Some of the latest changes include the launch of the game's eighth expansion early this year, and also the Update 7.2 released early this month which introduced a new planet.

Keith Kanneg and the SWTOR team revealed in a post that despite the challenges, they were able to adapt and move forward with meaning and purpose. It helped them make sure to focus on what made the game good while also admitting that there are things that still need improvements.

To celebrate the new milestone, here are some anniversary specials that everyone can enjoy:

  • Double XP Event starts today until December 27.
  • 50% off Pets and Companions from now until December 27.
  • 50% off Toys and Flair in the Cartel Market from December 28 to January 4.
  • 50% off all Collections from now until January 1.

The team also reminded players that:

  • Character Transfer Sale is currently active and runs through January 9.
  • Life Day is running until January 10.
  • The Coruscant and Kaas City Strongholds are discounted to 11 credits (down from 5,000) until the next game update.

Quick Patch

A small update has been released with these changes:

  • Increased the weekly cap of the following currencies to 2,500 (up from 1,500):
    • Conquest Commendations.
    • Daily Resource Matrix.
  • Players no longer receive the error message telling them their mission log is too full when attempting to complete the Ruins of Nul Flashpoint - Solo-Story Mode.
  • The Thyrsian Mender’s weapons can now be purchased from PvP upgrade vendors, as expected.
  • The Thyrsian Targeter’s weapons are now only unlocking the corresponding upgrades in the PvP upgrade vendor’s inventory.
  • There is now a visual effect on these weapons:
    • Family of the First Seed Lightsaber.
    • Family of the First Seed Dualsaber.
  • ​These crates no longer reward Implants:
    • Elite Decurion Upgrade Cache.
    • Supreme Decurion Upgrade Cache.
    • Rakata Upgrade Cache.
    • Tionese Upgrade Cache.
    • Columni Upgrade Cache.
    • Thyrsian Upgrade Cache.

What about you? Enjoying the anniversary celebrations? Star Wars: The Old Republic is an MMORPG based on the Star Wars universe available on PC.

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