Star Trek Online Offer New Genesis Bundle Starting June 24

New offers are coming.
New offers are coming. Perfect World

Star Trek Online has another treat for all Captains with the New Genesis Bundle. It’s going to be available beginning June 24 priced at 7,500 Zen. Exciting as this offer is, a bit of bad news for console players. That’s because for now, the bundle is only available for PC players. PlayStation 4 and Xbox One players must wait at a later date.

In addition, the bundle is being offered at 35% off from June 24 to July 1. The bundle includes updated versions of these starships:

  • Malachowski-class
    • Updated as the Clarke Multi-Mission Command Cruiser.
  • Oberth-class
    • Updated as the Grissom Light Science Vessel.

Fans of the series should be familiar with the term Genesis. If you’re not familiar with Star Trek lore, Project Genesis was the code name for a classified scientific initiative to make uninhabitable planets suitable for humanoid life. The project was later discontinued after its destructive power was revealed.

Besides the two new starships, the bundle also comes with extras that are thematically tied to the appearance of the starships in Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan. These include:

  • Genesis Ground Vanity Device
    • This device is different compared to the one given to Foundry authors.
    • It has similar animation and FX but doesn’t include the Starfleet coffin that appears when the Foundry thank you gift is activated.
  • Outfit Box: The Wrath of Khan Captain’s Vest
  • Outfit Box: The Wrath of Khan Engineer’s Vest
  • Outfit Box: The Wrath of Khan Excursion Jacket
  • Type II Phaser Compression Pistol (C. 2285)

These additions are included in the bundle as one-time inclusions:

  • 2x Experimental Starship Upgrade Tokens
  • 2x Fleet Ship Modules

Learn more about what the two starships have to offer here.

The Gamma Quadrant

The bundle isn’t the only one arriving in the game. From June 24 to July 22, players who make a new Jem'hadar character get all the bonuses of becoming a special Gamma Recruit. There are also rewards to be earned as well as account-wide benefits unlocked for all the other characters.

Read more about this new recruitment event here.

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