Star Trek Online Offering New Choice Pack Starting June 10

Choose your rewards.
Choose your rewards. Perfect World

You’ve got to hand it to Harcourt Fenton Mudd. Once again, he has new offers for Star Trek Online Captains, including a new Choice Pack starting June 10.

This particular pack has something to do with a time travel event. So, what event? It was when Ambassador Spock and Romulan Nero traveled through a wormhole with the latter destroying the U.S.S. Kelvin. That may be one ship but it actually changed everything and is now known as the Kelvin timeline.

Mudd is actually offering two kinds - the Into Darkness Choice Pack and Beyond Choice Pack. Each one is priced at 29,500 Zen and for each pack, Captains get to choose any three of these choices:

  • Vengeance Intel Dreadnought
  • Kelvin Heavy Destroyer/D7 Heavy Destroyer Pack
  • Kelvin T’Laru/D4x/Constitution Pack
  • Vulcan Experimental Scout Vessel
  • 2 pack T6 Ship Coupons
  • 9 pack T6x Tokens
  • 1 Elite Phoenix Token
  • 50 Key Pack

There’s also a limited offer from Mudd, which is a 50% discount on the Choice Packs. This promotion starts June 10 until June 24.

Know More

As mentioned, each time a player buys a pack they get to select three items. In addition, as long as it’s not a ship, players can get multiples of the same item like, for example, three Key Packs which can give out 150 Keys. Other possible combinations include, but are not limited to:

  • Intel Dreadnought and the two Kelvin Packs
  • Vulcan Scout Vessel and two of the Experimental Ship Upgrade Packs
  • Experimental Scout Vessel, Epic Phoenix Prize Pack Token, and Key Pack

Now for those who decide to grab any of the ships, they immediately unlock it for all their current characters, as well as future characters.

If you like to get more, just head over to Mudd's Market. All other items there are being sold at a 75% discount from June 10 to June 14.

Admiralty Bonus Week

While waiting for the Choice Packs to arrive, take the time to enjoy the Admiralty Bonus event. During this event, finishing assignments give out twice the Campaign XP. Meanwhile, all Tour of Duty missions are giving out bonus Dilithium Ore. The event is available until June 10.

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