Star Trek Online Launches House United, Ending Klingon Civil War

It's time to end the war.
It's time to end the war. Perfect World

The Klingon Empire is still in chaos with an ongoing civil war. However, it may appear to be ending with the arrival of the newest season in Star Trek Online, House United. For this new season, Captains get the chance to receive exclusive rewards by participating in a new Task Force Operation as well as finishing tasks in a Special Event.

For now, the new season is available to PC players. In fact, those players who log in to the game starting May 25 get to unlock a free Experimental Ship Upgrade. Console players need to wait until August 3 for the new season to arrive.

Captain’s Log

In House United, J’Ula has traveled to the planet Boreth and even went down to the pits of Gre’thor. There, she resurrected none other than the Klingon Warrior L’Rell. Brought back from the dead, L’Rell serves as a guide for J’Ula as she discovers what it means to be a Klingon. Players must prove themselves and build an army to join the final battle in Qo’noS.

L’Rell won’t be the only character that Captains meet for this new season. There’s also the chance to meet the likes of Aakar, a member of House Mo’Kai, General Martok, and even Adet’Pa.

New Features

Here are the different features you can enjoy in House United:

  • Two Brand New Episodes
    • Warriors of the Empire
      • Captains join J’Ula with L’Rell as they gather more allies to support their cause.
    • A Day Long Remembered
      • Captains take whatever forces they have gathered to Qo’noS in an attempt to end the Klingon Civil War.
  • “Only Qo'noS Endures” Event
    • By exploring new episodes, patrols, and TFOs associated with the Klingon Civil War, Captains have the chance to earn an exclusive new reward, a ground set inspired by Aakar.
  • ​New Task Force Operation
    • Players get to experience the 5-Captain space TFO “Remain Klingon.”
    • This is set to conclude the Civil War storyline as the final battle takes place over Qo’noS.
  • Three New Patrols
    • Captains can enjoy three new patrols based on the episode “Warriors of the Empire.”

So Captains, ready to help end the war?

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