Star Trek Online Launching New Special Event May 25

A new event is almost here.
A new event is almost here. Perfect World

A special event is launching in Star Trek Online and it’s going to be from May 25 to June 24. In “Only Qo’noS Endures,” Captains get the chance to get honor and epic rewards. But this is only available for PC players for now as console owners must wait for a release later this year.

Event Progress

Like any event, Captains who join this new one get daily progress toward the Grand Prize which is the Imperial Assault Ground Set. During the event, Captains can earn two daily progress with the Grand Prize needing 40 daily progress.

Those who get the Grand Prize even before the event ends can still play it. Instead of daily progress, these Captains now earn Dilithium, starting at 8,000 Dilithium Ore that scales by 1,000 Dilithium Ore for each day a player participates in the event. There is a cap though of 50,000 Dilithium Ore per day.

Players who think they won’t be able to complete it by playing can buy the remaining progress using Zen. The price is going to be prorated and based on what progress has been completed so far.

The Grand Prize

The Imperial Assault Ground Set is composed of four different pieces, which become greater than the sum of their parts when gathered. The effects are:

  • 1 Piece
    • The set starts with the Mycelial Rift Drone Fabricator. This can deploy drones that open personal Rifts on enemies.
  • ​2 Pieces
    • Players get the Cunningly Timed Hack which improves kit performance. What happens is after using a Kit Module, the player’s next weapon attack applies Cunningly Timed Hack that slows foes in a radius around the target.
    • The Mycelial Rift Drone Fabricator applies Cunningly Timed Hack as the Rift begins to open.
  • 3 Pieces
    • With three pieces, you get the Experience Bij! that improves Critical Chance. Killing five enemies within a certain window causes Kit Modules and Mycelial Rift Drone Fabricator to recover half their recharge time.
  • ​4 Pieces
    • With all the pieces, players get the Imperial Destiny that improves Critical Severity. It pretty much improves the rest of the set:
      • Mycelial Rift Drone Fabricator
        • Deploys two drones at once.
      • Cunningly Timed Hack
        • Roots foes.
      • Experience Bij!
        • Applies a colossal bonus to Kit Performance for a moderate duration.

So what do you think about the Grand Prize?

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