Star Trek Online Offers New Starship with Latest Lock Box

New offerings are here.
New offerings are here. Perfect World

Star Trek Online is offering the Discovery: Far From Home Lock Box. It gives players the chance to win the Crossfield Science Spearhead Refit [T6] and a new Universal Console.

The new starship is an upgraded refit of the original Crossfield-class and more than ready to defend the Federation. Despite being refit, it still has that durability and versatility of the original version. Meanwhile, for the Universal Console, it’s the Parasitic Ice Containment Vessel. Once activated, it fires a Parasitic Ice Cluster Munition on the target. After that, it forms a Parasitic Ice growth on the ship that deals cold damage over time as long as the Parasitic Ice is present.

Beyond the Burn

There is also the Discovery: Beyond the Burn Lock Box, which comes with new Space and Ground weapons inside the 32c Phaser Weapons Pack. Two sets of each are available with one representing mainline technology while the other representing modifications and refits.

Offered as well is the Discovery: Beyond the Burn Kit Module packs, each of which has one of five new Kit Modules, all universal and usable by any class. One of them is Parasitic Ice that throws a seed of Parasitic Ice wrapped around a powerful catalyst. It then holds the targeted opponent and deals cold damage over time. The ice also spreads to nearby foes, and from them to even more foes.

The second is the Personal Transporter that instantly beams the Captain out of danger. Then, a reticle appears that can be repositioned freely.

The remaining three are DOT-23 drones that have different specialties. These are:

  • Engineering
    • Supercharges deployed pets.
    • Any time the Captain uses a Kit Module that creates a pet, all pets become charged with electricity for some time and deal electrical damage to the nearest foe each second.
  • Science
    • Scans foes
    • Any time the Captain uses a Kit Module that controls a foe, the DOT-23 scans it, reducing its damage resistance rating for some time.
  • Tactical
    • Attacks with a heavy Phaser weapon.
    • Any time the Captain uses a Kit Module that buffs a Captain or Bridge Officer, the DOT-23 attacks with a much more powerful weapon for a while.

It’s worth noting that all professions can use the DOT-23 drones though only one can be equipped at a time.

Read more about the latest offering here.

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