Star Trek Online Releasing Lock Box as Part of Anniversary Celebration

Still on the celebration.
Still on the celebration. Perfect World

It appears that things are in motion as Star Trek Online prepares to celebrate its 11th anniversary. Last time, it launched a new event. This time, it was announced the release of the Lock Box. The Picard Zhat Vash Lock Box launches on January 26.

Star Trek Online has a tradition of tying up loose ends that are shown on screen. The game even offers different missions that follow unfinished stories shown on TV. This particular Lock Box takes inspiration from the various technologies and stories as seen in the adventures of the already retired Admiral Jean-Luc Picard.

In order to open this Lock Box, players need to buy a Master Key. It’s available from the Zen Store for 125 Zen each. Players can also buy a bundle that contains 10 such keys for 1.125 Zen.

Opening each box hands out different prizes and one of which is the Starship Trait called “One Impossible Thing at a Time.” What it does is when a player activates any Captain Ability, they and their teammates immediately get a reduction to the Captain Ability Recharge Times. However, each player who is affected this way only gets the buff once every five seconds.

Then, there are also the Personal Traits that include:

  • Zhat Vash Venom (Ground Trait)
    • When attacking a foe within five meters, 20% chance to deal Toxic Damage DOT to up to three foes in a five-meter cone.
    • On death: Heavy Toxic DOT to all foes within five meters, after a three-second delay.
  • Choose to Live (Ground Trait)
    • Chose to Live: Placated for 15 seconds (fragile).
    • Chose to Die: -200 All Damage Resistance Rating vs. Melee Attacks for 15 seconds.
  • Blue Skies (Space Trait)
    • Up to +50 Defense Rating and +200% Flight Speed and Turn Rate, based on missing Hull.
  • Abundance of Caution (Space Trait)
    • +200 All Damage Resistance Rating vs. Confused Allies and Enemies.
    • On Entering Combat, if nearest enemy is less than five kilometers: Gain Temporary hit points for 10 seconds.

That’s not all as players are sure to get excited about the Grand Prize. It’s none other than the Dhailkhina Command Strike Wing Warbird [T6]. This is the flagship of the Zhat Vash fleet and appears threatening even when stationary or powered down. More details about this ship are going to be released at a later date.

There are many other rewards offered by this new Lock Box. Learn more about it and the different rewards here.

You can also learn about the new event for the Anniversary Celebration here.

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