Star Trek Online House Shattered Now Available on Consoles

There's a special message for Xbox players.
Finally on consoles.
Finally on consoles. Perfect World

The wait is finally over as Star Trek Online has officially introduced House Shattered to consoles. PlayStation 4 and Xbox One players can finally take part in this new content and see if they have what it takes.

This is the latest story update to the game and brings with it a new episode titled “Partisans.” In this one, Captains join the legendary General Martok, renegade Klingon Matriarch J’ula, and Witch of Nimbus III, Adet'pa, in a journey to clear their names. Taking part as well is the crew of The Coldstar.

House Shattered follows House Divided released for PC back in October 2020. You can read more about this new content and what it offers here.

Widening Gyre Event

As part of House Divided, console players also get to access the standalone Widening Gyre event. Captains get to earn a Daily Progress per day by simply playing either the new episode or the new Task Force Operation, which is Synth Wave. Getting 20 Daily Progress allows Captains to get the Imperial Rift Space Set. The set contains:

  • Revolutionary Covariant Shield Array Mk XII.
  • Revolutionary Combat Impulse Engine Mk XII.
  • Revolutionary Deflector Array Mk XII.
  • Revolutionary Warp Core Mk XII or Revolutionary Singularity Core Mk XII.

You can learn more about this event and other new content that arrived on the consoles here.

Message for Xbox Players

While PS4 players could already access House Shattered, it seems that there was an issue with the implementation for Xbox. The Star Trek Online team revealed that as a result of an unforeseen error, not only did the new content “go live as expected” but “the game was down” for Xbox players for around a day.

Although there’s no word yet on when it will actually go live, Xbox players have the chance to enjoy something else in the meantime. There’s the 35% Bundles Sale, for example, and three other things:

  • Dilithium Weekend
    • Earn Bonus Dilithium throughout the game.
  • Upgrade Weekend
    • Get double the tech points on upgrades.
  • Marks Weekend
    • Get bonus marks throughout the game.

Guess it’s not really a total loss right?

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