Star Trek Online Releasing Legendary KDF Captain Bundle in April

A new bundle is coming soon.
A new bundle is coming soon. Perfect World

Star Trek Online continues the story of the Klingon Empire as seen in its newest season, House Reborn. To proceed with the celebration and allow players to focus better on the Klingon Empire, new options will become available to join this legends-in-the-making.

STO announced that it’s making the Legendary KDF Captain Bundle available for all players. It will be available on PC by April 1 while on consoles by April 29.

So what are the features of this new bundle? Well, it includes:

  • Instantly advance the career of one Klingon Defense Force character to Level 65.
  • Equipment, services, and other resources sufficient to allow this newly-boosted character to be ready to enter the high-level content of STO.
  • Account-Wide access to the Legendary D7 Intel Battlecruiser [T6].

The bundle is being offered at 12,000 Zen with a special discount of 50% for a limited period.

Other Offers

Exciting as that offer may be, some players may find it overwhelming. Why not check others like the Choice Pack from Harcourt Fenton Mudd, which is available until April 1. Learn more about it here.

STO players also have the chance to get a Lifetime Subscription at a discounted rate, available until April 15. Finally, just as the new bundle drops for PC players, the date April 1 also marks the start of the First Contact Day Celebration. It lasts until April 22 and details are available here.

Latest Update

STO received an update last week that introduces several changes. The two biggest changes are:

  • Subspace Interception Updates:
    • Removed 20 seconds hard lockout for saved targets.
    • They may now be saved again as soon as they are not benefiting from another copy of Subspace Interception.
    • Updated power description to more closely match recent changes in functionality.
    • Resolved an issue where the Recharge was listed as 0.5 sec for all Ranks.
  • Neutronic Eddies Updates:
    • Reduced radius of each storm from four to three kilometers to closer match the artwork.
    • The "jostled" effect can now be resisted and is no longer guaranteed on every tick of a storm.
    • Removed inappropriate data that may have allowed this power to be affected by buffs and trigger effects, which it is not intended to be affected by.
    • Replaced placeholder debuff icon with correct artwork.

Read more about the update here.

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