Squad Welcomes Players to Try the Newly Reworked Manic-5 Map in Update 4.3

Update 4.3
Update 4.3 Twitter/@JoinSquad

Offworld Industries deployed a new patch for Squad that remakes one of the least popular maps in the game, Manic-5.

In Update 4.3, players are invited to try the Manicouagan, a complete remake of the Manic-5 map. According to the company, the Manic-5 map was originally an experimental map designed to have a more linear flow within the game space. But, as it turned out, it was not well-received by the community, which prompted Offworld Industries to make notable changes.

The Daniel-Johnsom dam is still on the new Manicouagan map but its size is drastically reduced to about 70% from the original. Furthermore, the company has integrated amphibious water systems into the map, providing amphibious-capable factions like the Canadian Armed Forces and US Army different avenues to flank enemy positions from unsuspected directions.

Manicouagan Map
Manicouagan Map Offworld Industries

Update 4.3 also included two new features: Server Tagging and Find Match. The former gives server owners the ability to tag their Squad servers so that they can easily be found in the Server Browser. The latter allows players to search for a server using certain parameters, such as maximum ping, minimum players, and match type, among others.

Patch Notes

  • FAL Rifle Grenades
    • The militia can now make use of rifle grenades for their FAL rifles. There are fragmentation and HEAT rifle grenades available depending on which role is used. Due to a limited effective range, these warheads will pack a slightly bigger punch than the underslung grenade launcher rounds from other factions.
  • AK Series Reload Animations
  • Militia has received a new set of reload animations for their AK series (AK-74, AKM, etc) weapon which will give them a slight decrease to the reload speed of these weapons. A tactical reload (still ammunition in the current magazine) will see the current magazine quickly swapped out with a new one that’s already in-hand, while the dry reload (no ammunition in the current magazine) will depict what’s colloquially known as an ‘Iraqi reload’. These new animations will also apply to the Insurgent faction but conventional factions using AK series weapons will continue to use the original reload animations.
  • Dirt-Filled Ammo Boxes
    • Militia will receive a lineup of new defensive fortifications crafted out of dirt-filled ammo boxes in the new update. These will be their basic building blocks for defensive positions. In addition to these, militia will still have access to log walls and sandbags.
  • Tank Traps (Hedgehogs)
  • Tank Traps are cheap and quick-to-build fortifications that can be used to block off roads, bridges, or choke points in order to set up an ambush on vehicles. Vehicle occupants will have to dismount and deal with tank traps in order to clear the path so it will be ideal to lay these in locations where militia can ambush the vehicle or its dismounts otherwise these will only be a marginal nuisance.

The full changelog can be found on the official site.

Manicouagan Map
Manicouagan Map Offworld Industries

So, what can you say about the new Manicouagan map in Squad Update v4.3?

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