Squad: Update v4.2 Adds AMD FSR2 Support

Update v4.2
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Offworld Industries has implemented a bunch of under-the-hood improvements for Squad in Update v4.2.

One of the main highlights of Update v4.2 is that the game now supports AMD FSR2. This is AMD’s improved temporal upscaling technology that makes games like Squad appear as though it’s rendered at a higher resolution than it really is, while also boosting frame rates.

Aside from that, this patch has also updated the in-game graphics benchmark tool. This can be run by clicking the “Defaults” button on the graphics settings. The company recommends that players run this benchmark tool after updating to the latest version at least once. This is because some changes and optimizations have been made as part of the upgrade to Unreal Engine v4.27. Once the benchmark is finished, the recommended graphics settings will automatically be applied, giving players the best possible experience given their current hardware.


  • Upgraded game engine to Unreal v4.27
    • Added DX12 as the default graphics API
    • You can still opt to use DX11 by selecting it in the Settings menu
  • Made improvements to the visuals of the US Army faction, including:
    • New and improved uniforms, including a new forest camo variant
    • New and improved character models
    • A complete remodel of the M17 MHS Pistol
    • Updated ammo boxes and equipment
  • Increased HAB spawn activation delay from 20 to 30 seconds
  • Added a new map layer, Mutaha Seed v1 (USMC vs RUS)
  • Increased PLA ZSL10 APC cupola gunner mags from two to ten
  • Fixed a server crash that could occur in EOSServerSubsystem when kicking players
    • This fix addresses the main issue with modded layers and those should now work
  • Fixed a rare issue that could cause a user to disconnect from a server while pushing a helicopter from the rear
  • Fixed an issue that could cause servers to hitch on ensures, causing player disconnects
  • Fixed a long-standing issue where enemy zones could become impossible to capture after placing a friendly HAB inside of the area in Territory Control
  • Fixed an issue that caused modern technical vehicles to accelerate extremely fast after backing up into the water
  • Fixed an issue that caused the engine sounds for several vehicles to be quieter and harder to hear from afar than intended
  • Fixed an issue that caused the aim down sights animation for rocket launchers and binoculars to not appear to other players
  • Removed unnecessary notifications in the tutorial
  • Fixed a bug that caused frag grenades not to play SFX or VFX on concrete
  • Fixed an issue where the GB FV432 APC’s engine could not be destroyed with weapons
  • Fixed a minor visual issue that could occur while aiming down sights in the AUS Mag58 Jeep
  • Fixed a minor visual bug with the PLA ZBD04A’s turret
  • Made several improvements to the appearance of the PLA ZTZ99A MBT
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the rangefinder of the PLA PF98 launcher from displaying properly in local training mode

Squad Update v4.2 is available on PC.

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