Splitgate: Patch 6.2.0 Fixes the "Portal Ripping" Exploit

Patch 6.2.0
Patch 6.2.0 Twitter/@Splitgate

Splitgate got a new patch recently that effectively removed portal ripping from the game. Various other improvements have also been implemented, including a better-looking EMP grenade effect and major CPU optimizations on all platforms.

Part of what makes Splitgate an appealing multiplayer shooter is that you have the power to teleport to any part of the map by laying down portals. If done right, you could easily eliminate your opponents by teleporting when they least expect it.

That said, portal ripping is an exploit where one portal stays in just one spot, while you use the other one repeatedly to teleport anywhere you want. For example, you can lay down portal A near a weapon spawn point and it stays there as you zip through the map using portal B. This requires a bit of latency and timing to get right, but it was 100% repeatable.

However, developers acknowledged that it is a bug and not part of the original design, and that is why it has been fixed in Patch 6.2.0. Thus, portal ripping is no longer possible after updating the game.


  • Karman Station is added back into regular playlist rotation after many months away
  • Karman Station performance and lighting optimizations on console
  • Removed exploit of "portal ripping"
  • Major CPU Optimizations on all Platforms
  • Server and network optimizations
  • Additional improvements that are super technical but help performance
  • Adding Instant kill volumes
  • Adding Blocking volumes
  • Added ability to Save Map As while inside of a game
  • Adding UI to show object counts - global and individual - users total budget and current number used
  • Added ability to delete objects while in the build menu
  • Added ability to generate thumbnails for created maps
  • Shortened time required to delete an object
  • Added option to disable autosave
  • Added display coordinates of object user interact with
  • Fixed pillars and flags (different sizes with different colors)
  • Added wind effect to show when you are moving at lethal speed (AKA one-hit melee kill)
  • Changed EMP explosion effect and added an animation to portal walls when hit
  • Ragdoll optimizations, because like they’re dead so we don’t care about them as much as the ones still shooting at you
  • Fixed animation issue with Maximus Jetpack
  • Additional optimizations that are super technical but improve performance

If you have an Amazon Prime account, you can use it to acquire some really cool stuff in the game, including Nebula skins for most weapon types along with the legendary “Hunt” sniper rifle.

Splitgate Patch 6.2.0 is available on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PC.

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