Splitgate: September 28 Update Adds Nvidia Reflex Support, Karman Station Makes a Comeback

Splitgate September 28 Update
Splitgate September 28 Update 1047 Games

Splitgate, a game deemed as a cross between Portal and Halo, has just received a new update. Highlights include support for Nvidia’s Reflex technology, stability improvements to voice chat, existing game modes added to Quick Play, and the return of the Karman Station map.


The developers from 1047 Games added a new feature that lets you enable or disable ledge grabbing or “mantling.” This is a way for you to continue aiming at your targets without any interference whenever you are jumping toward a ledge.

This feature lowers the skill cap a little bit, but the good thing is you have the option to turn it on or off. In other words, you will still have full control.

Nvidia Reflex Support

For the uninitiated, Nvidia Reflex is a technology that helps you reduce input lag and system latency, providing you with a competitive edge against your opponents. That said, the devs have added support for this technology, which you can enable in the game’s settings.

Karman Station’s Making a Comeback

Not long ago, the Karman Station map was temporarily removed from the game because of poor optimization, which may result in random client crashes.

Folks at 1047 Games have re-implemented this, adding performance improvements and crash fixes so that the problems that plagued this map before no longer happen. You can expect the Karman Station back to the normal map rotation.

Voice Chat Fixed

A lot of people are frustrated that the in-game voice chat was shoddy as drop-outs would occur frequently. In a competitive game like Splitgate, this definitely needs to be addressed quickly. Do not worry as the latest update has fixed this on all platforms. Now, you can talk to your teammates without problems.

Patch Highlights


  • Added ability to queue multiple ranked playlists
  • Combining rumble modes and casual modes into a “Quick Play” playlist
  • Adding limited-time featured playlists that are available on the weekends (includes rumble modes + new mode variants)
  • Lower chance of running into bots queuing Quick Play
  • Contamination Improvements
  • Scoring Tweaks: Zombies get 2 points per kill
  • Last Man Standing Indicator
  • Players can no longer start as zombies in consecutive rounds
  • Zombie Indicator Improvements
  • New Zombie Notification
  • Adding New Announcement Voice Lines
  • Voice Chat Stability Improvements
  • Console users can now redeem DLC codes
  • KOTH/DOM Hill Visibility improvements
  • Adding ability to customize enemy armor color, enemy outline color, friendly outline color, and friendly color through walls
  • Projectile hit detection improvements through portals
  • Added Support for Nvidia Reflex
  • Added Inflated Alabastra big head... Whoops!

The full patch notes are available on the game’s official website.

Splitgate is available on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PC.

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