A Splatoon Crossover Might Be Coming To Fortnite

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A Fortnite x Splatoon crossover event is likely to happen very soon.
A Fortnite x Splatoon crossover event is likely to happen very soon. Nintendo

Fortnite and Splatoon are without a doubt two of the biggest online shooters on Nintendo Switch right now. If you love both of these games, then you should be excited about the possibility of these two joining forces.

Hypex, which is known for being one of social media’s top Fortnite leakers, suggests that items potentially related to Nintendo’s very own Splatoon franchise can be obtained within the game’s files. A new skin or outfit and a new Back Bling have been discovered with the word “SquidKid” mentioned in the title. If you are really into playing Splatoon, then you know for sure who SquidKid is.

It holds true that the idea of bringing both Fortnite and Splatoon together in a crossover event can be quite superficial at first glance. But believe it or not, it actually makes a whole lot of sense. For the past few months, Fortnite has been successful with introducing a variety of crossovers.

Currently, there is the Borderlands event – a crossover that no one in the scene expected to take place. There was also the John Wick crossover in the past. By teaming with Nintendo’s popular shooter, both franchises will experience new wonders. It is a win-win situation.

For Nintendo’s benefit, having access to Fortnite is a game changer. It will give Splatoon a taste of the massive market Epic Games is experiencing right now. This can bring significant awareness to the game, and that is only one of the best things out there. This can also mean that Nintendo fans who haven't done so yet might finally check what Fortnite has to offer.

Perhaps the only catch right now is that this supposed crossover event is far from being official. Neither Epic Games nor Nintendo have confirmed the crossover, so it is important to take this narrative with a huge amount of salt. Should this crossover event happen – and we really want it to – you will be the first to know!

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