Fortnite Backtracks And Cancels Turbo Build Change

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Fortnite backtracks again.
Fortnite backtracks again. Epic Games

For the second time in a month, Fortnite backtracked on a change it implemented after receiving backlash from players and community as a whole. Just last week, Fortnite agreed to nerf the B.R.U.T.E. after initially defending its features. This time, Fortnite appears to have cancelled the update it made to the Turbo Build.

Fortnite had made changes to the Turbo Build. In particular, the speed was reverted back to its original 0.15 seconds from the 0.05. Fortnite defended this move by saying that it was meant to benefit players that had low ping. However the Fortnite team did say that they hoped this change didn't affect the ability of players to perform 90s and even to "waterfall."

However, a number of players complained about the change, including high profile players like Ninja. These same players said that if Fortnite didn't respond, they were willing to switch to other games. One could argue that the players may have been bluffing about moving to other games, but regardless, Fortnite backtracked.

The Fornite team said that the Turbo Build delay adjustments made have been changed back to the previous value of 0.05. With this, players should be able to perform both “90s” and “waterfall” and feel exactly the same as it did before the changes.

That's not all as the team also added some "Next Steps" that were previously mentioned. Specifically, the plan was to replace initial building and turbo building delay with rate of fire logic. This means that while the first placement is instantaneous, it was not going to be possible to build faster than a building piece every 0.15 seconds. Fortnite also said it was going to enforce rate of fire for contested pieces. If a building piece is destroyed, the server is going to wait 0.15 seconds before rebuilding is allowed. Players that try to rebuild the destroyed piece within that 0.15 seconds are going to be added to a list.

So now when a structure is destroyed, a 0.15-second delay is going to be put in place before another structure can be positioned in the same location. Now what happens when at least two players try to build a structure in the same location? Well a random roll is going to determine which player's structure is going to be placed on said location. With this, the team hopes to remove ping from playing such a large role. Indeed, the Fortnite team said that they hope it lowers the impact that ping has on “taking a wall” as well as mitigating situations where spamming walls in the same location prevents all incoming damage to the defender.

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