A Pennywise Crossover Event Might Be Coming To Fortnite

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A crossover event featuring Pennywise from the movie IT might be coming to Fortnite.
A crossover event featuring Pennywise from the movie IT might be coming to Fortnite. New Line Cinema

Fortnite is known for its quirky crossovers and one of these is with the looter shooter Borderlands 3. Apparently, though, this has not stopped the battle royale from Epic venturing out to another pop culture crossover.

IT Chapter 2 is about to hit the big screens and the infamous Pennywise might just find his way to Fortnite. Yes, that is right – the antagonist will soon be striking fear into players in the game.

A good number of Reddit users have reportedly seen some mysterious red balloons all over Fortnite’s map. These balloons can be seen from Salty Springs all the way to Pleasant Park. They are said to be attached to storm drains and emit an eerie laugh once players start interacting with them.

These elements are obviously referring to the IT movie and Pennywise. With the film slated to release come September 6, a Fortnite crossover event certainly makes sense. It seems Epic wants the supposed event to coincide with the movie’s theatrical debut. As far as what this might entail, it remains to be a mystery. After all, all of the game’s collaborations are known to be kept under wraps before their launch.

As for the current Borderlands crossover event, it seems to be living up to expectations. For starters, it features a new Rift Zone completely based on the planet of Pandora. It also offers a bunch of themed challenges designed to improve the overall gameplay experience, especially since it offers some exciting rewards.

In the past, Fortnite players were treated to the arrival of Thanos from Avengers: Endgame, accompanied by his own limited-time mode. Add to this the Fortnite-Stranger Things crossover event and, of course, the John Wick skin. These crossover events have been successful so far.

It is possible that Pennywise could be a skin, or perhaps he will play a huge role in the upcoming crossover event. Either way, nothing is confirmed yet. Given the fact that the movie is pretty close to its release date, we might just expect an announcement from Epic very soon.

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