Songs of Syx Patch Notes: Crime and Punishment Update, Bug Fixes

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Songs of Syx developer, Gamatron AB, recently released a new update that makes some general changes and fixes certain known issues in the game. The update also adds criminals to make the game more interesting. The criminal crew consists of characters, such as thieves, vandalizers, streakers, and murderers. Of course, the patch included a new guard post room to control crimes, let guards catch criminals nearby, and seize criminals while on a patrol.

The update fixed some game crashing issues while streaming, but you have to manually uncheck the debug setting in the launcher to fix them. Although not known to many, developers refactored the AI to make it progress faster.

Songs of Syx Update

  • Hauler room added. Can be placed for free on cleared ground and will employ haulers that will fetch resources to the room.
  • Proper Woodcutter room added. Now fully renewable and with fixed output, same as other industries.
  • Much easier to reach 0% squareness.
  • Logistics mechanics overhauled, added an "empty to" mechanic which lets you empty resources to specific warehouses.
  • New Janitor room with maintenance now separated from construction. Only janitors can do maintenance. Janitors need construction materials in the vicinity, or they will become less effective.
  • Auto employment for some rooms, which will make the AI fire/hire 1 subject per day based on workload. Workload calculations improved.
  • Normal speed triggers when there is a message
  • Immigrant value now decreases more slowly, allowing you to fulfill the needs of new immigrants.
  • Onx pastures for cold and temperate climates.
  • Hotkey for getting to the throne/capitol.
  • Status concept. New profile screen.
  • Level (title). You now increase your level according to your population, which unlocks bonuses and rooms. The throne visually upgrades with these levels.
  • Faction visuals. Change faction name and colors while playing.
  • Faction banners. Randomized banners for all factions and a banner editor for the player.
  • Added on "available services" tooltip. How many are used and how many that needs work.
  • Fixed various crashes from streaming. Requires you to uncheck "debug" in the launcher.
  • Remade light engine and prettier fires/candles
  • Recolored ore
  • Huge AI refactoring. Not that anyone cares, but it allows for faster AI progress.
  • Criminals. Come in three flavors: thieves, vandals, streakers, and murderers. Each race has a property on their chance to become criminals. The number of criminals spawned depends on law and happiness.
  • New guard post room. Guards will catch criminals in their vicinity, or if they happen to stumble into one on their patrols. Guard posts also deter crime in their vicinity.
  • Prison. Employs guards that bring food and empties latrines of the cells. Criminals will go here after being caught if your policies are set up that way. Prisoners will stay there for a number of years before being let out and become citizens again (average 6 years).
  • Added a width/height restriction to rooms.
  • Made so that the tunneling bonus actually works. Dondorians tunnel into mountains twice as fast.
  • Rearranged resources categories a bit.
  • Law. Law is gained by apprehending criminals, having courts for them as well as Prisons and scaffolds. Law makes your citizens happy and deters the spawning of criminals.
  • New algorithm for determining build order when constructing massive walls now enables you to build thick walls as you'd like without people getting stuck.
  • The above also holds true when building rooms with inner walls.

You can find more details about the patch notes here.

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