Battle Realms: Zen Edition Update 1.57.1 Desync Issues, Bug Fixes, and More

Battle Realms: Zen Edition
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Battle Realms: Zen Edition developer, Ed Del Castillo, recently released a new update that brings several bug fixes. The issues with random desyncs within the game will now play a sound and display a message on the screen, which should state the reason for player drops. Minor improvements have been applied to multiplayer lobbies to increase stability and resolve other issues.

Some changes like increased difficulty in campaign mode to fix the strange AI behavior and proper yin/yang gains and multipliers are included in the update.

Battle Realms: Zen Edition Update 1.57.1


  • Version updated to 1.57.1.
  • Internal tweaks regarding Multiplayer stability.
  • Minor lobby improvements.
  • Synchronization errors (desyncs/player drops) will now play a sound and show a proper message .when they happen (we sincerely hope you won't get to see it often).
  • Game speed limitation for Steam Multiplayer lobbies has been reverted.
  • Lobby description will now change if user changes it in the lobby settings. This will be seen by everyone in the Steam Multiplayer lobby.
  • Speed for multiplayer lobbies has been improved.
  • Chat in the multiplayer lobby settings has been fixed: now it's also colored and you can send messages that would be seen by everyone in your lobby.
  • Changing global settings (Main Menu -> Options) will be saved to current player's profile (such as in-game hotkeys).
  • In-game hotkeys will no longer reset when updating/verifying the game through Steam.


  • Increased difficulty for campaigns as AI there behaved in quite a bizarre way. It is almost the same as the one you encounter in Skirmish.
  • Clan selection dropdown menu will no longer show the selected clan when picking "Random" in Multiplayer.
  • In-game stun has been fixed (units will no longer run around stunned targets, engaging them instantly instead). Attackers will no longer disengage when stunned units are ordered to move/attack.
  • Serpent Cannoneer smoke bomb (machine-gunning) abuse has been finally fixed, Cannoneers finally shoot smoke bombs as they should- with a proper reload! Wolf Ballistaman Totem... We're coming for you next!
  • Dragon Samurai Seppuku will no longer give any Yang points if no units are affected.
  • Yin/yang multipliers regarding damage dealt are now fixed (no more 3 Yang points for Samurai Seppuku).
  • Fixed the inability to gain any Yin/Yang in some in-game situations (thanks to user Blankname for providing a crucial report and a save file).
  • [UnitAI] Healers and Necromancer will no longer respond aggressively to enemy attacks.
  • [UnitAI] When putting out fires, Peasants will now take into consideration the nearest water source from the burning building instead of themselves.
  • Destroyable battle gears can no longer be thrown on impassable terrain or buildings.
  • [AI]: AI-controlled units will now destroy enemy magic objects (Ballistaman's Totem, Unclean One's Sentry, Ronin's Cursed Swords, etc.)
  • [AI]: AI-controlled units won't retaliate if a peasant was killed far away from his main base.
  • [AI]: Necromancer pathing fix (no more walking/reposition loop).

You can read more about the update here.

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