Solace Crafting Update New Dungeon Settings, More Graphics Settings, and Fixes

Solace Crafting
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Solace Crafting developer, Big Kitty Games, recently released a new update that improves performance, UI, and other aspects of the game.

The goblin dungeons will have more darkened visuals and torch colors will be randomized, which will make the fights in these areas a bit more challenging. The developer has also brought tons of new graphics options, such as anti-aliasing, motion blur, post-exposure, saturation, and bloom settings, that will improve the gameplay experience.

Solace Crafting Update

  • Updated map tile and icon drawing and management methods
  • Added other players to the map when in multiplayer
  • Added player and solace names to the map on mouseover
  • Replaced circular "forced" biome system with a noise-based system
  • Added an "archipelago" setting to world creation
  • Updated world setting restrictions and added more descriptions
  • Updated MP name tags to reposition themselves based on the height of the player
  • Improved multi-threading of distant terrain generation
  • Improved a variety of shaders used by different objects
  • Improved batching of building pieces
  • Improved monster turning, stopping, tracking, and acceleration
  • Monsters killed will no longer block movement/skill target checks
  • Improved character creation camera positioning/movement
  • Improved biome spawn calculation checks
  • Improved player and NPC model generation speed
  • Ocean objects can now spawn anywhere underwater regardless of biome
  • Added pike, salmon, octopi, sharks
  • Added ink, fish scales, raw fish, cooked fish
  • Updated the core weather system to a completely random yet highly controlled system
  • Added fog and sky colors to the biome/weather management system
  • Added coral and rocks to the ocean floors
  • Added a per biome lighting and weather management system
  • Enlarged and upgraded the in-game settings interface
  • Updated the grass biome with more clutter and replaced the speed trees

Update Details from Beta

  • Reduced cave environment brightness
  • Increased goblin dungeon environment brightness
  • Removed respawn capabilities from basic resources in swamp/cave/floating islands
  • Fixed monster/animal animations breaking due to limiting network-specific proximity checks in single player
  • Fixed town buildings and planters not properly saving their updated position after a world update
  • Fixed a bug where custom recipes with no ingredients could cause the crafting UI to break
  • Fixed the chat UI not scrolling down all the way with a new message
  • Fixed chat messages going off too far to the right
  • Fixed vertical dungeons throwing an error in MP
  • Fixed monsters not spawning in caves in MP
  • Fixed small encounters not showing on the map in MP
  • Fixed saving after traveling too far in a larger dungeon being able to cause you to reload in empty space
  • Fixed a couple of "failed to spawn" errors in MP goblin dungeons

You can read more about the update here.

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