Sniper Elite 5 Reveals Improvements on Kill Cam

have fun destroying Nazi's.
have fun destroying Nazi's. Rebellion

What could be better than taking down Nazis and their secret project? For the Sniper Elite series, the answer to that question was Kill Cam. Fans should be happy to know that new Sniper Elite 5 enhancements have been made for that feature. For instance, the Kill Cam is now triggered by clinical shots using pistols and SMGs.

Before we take a dive into these improvements, watch the new trailer below:

Going back to the Kill Cam for Sniper Elite 5, the improvements were made for both physics and visuals. The bullets now ricochet off bones which can cause further internal damage. This effect is shown to the player in greater detail, thanks to the visual representation that includes more definition of the muscles, skeletons, and organs.

Players should be happy to know that SMGs and pistols now have iron sights. With this, they can be more accurate in using those weapons and in turn, trigger the Kill Cam. As if that’s not enough fun, players also get to control the Kill Cam in real-time by adjusting the camera angle and by speeding up or slowing down the cinematic.

Speaking of adjustments, the chance of a player to see a Kill Cam is now modifiable through the game’s menu. Of course, there’s also the choice to turn the feature off completely.

Weapon Customization

To ensure maximum authenticity, the weapons in the game have been recreated using real-world references. For Sniper Elite 5, players can now customize their weapons, and this is done by discovering workbenches hidden in missions. Each workbench allows players to further customization options.

Sniper Elite 5 is launching May 26 on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S. The game offers an immersive campaign that can be played solo or with a two-player co-op. Other ways to play include the Invasion Mode and the multiplayer PvP of up to 16 players.

Pre-orders for Sniper Elite 5 are now available. Those who pre-order can get the latest mission of the Target Führer campaign entitled Wolf Mountain. Meanwhile, those who pre-order the Deluxe Edition can enjoy additional goodies, including Season Pass One (2 Campaign Missions, 2 Weapon skin packs, 2 Character Packs, 6 Weapon Packs), Target Führer, and a P.1938 Suppressed Pistol.

Excited to have fun with the Kill Cam?

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