Smash Legends: The Smash Pass Adds Wukong to the Roster

The Monkey King has arrived.
The Monkey King has arrived. Krafton

A new update has arrived in Smash Legends and it introduced the Smash Pass Chapter 2: “Ready for the Beat!” This Smash Pass adds the 28th Legend in the game which is none other than the Monkey King Wukong.

To get Wukong, players need to reach stage 10 in the Smash Pass. In case you’re wondering, the Smash Pass isn’t free and must be purchased for 200 Gems. If you have extra, pay an additional 100 Gems to immediately get to stage 10.

Skills Sets

For those curious, here are Wukong’s skill sets:

  • Master of the Staff (Basic Attack, Attack Count: 2 hits)
    • Does 3 quick jabs with his staff, then leaps forward to slam it down, dealing 600 damage.
    • When used as Aerial Skill, thrusts staff in all directions and deals 350 damage.
  • Easy! (Skill)
    • Sweeps up opponent, dealing 650 damage.
    • Charges forward while spinning the staff, dealing 600 damage when used as Aerial Skill.
  • Expand! (Ultimate)
    • Wukong extends his staff to attack.
    • If the attack hits, Wukong rides his staff into the attack.
    • Deals 800 total damage.

New Features

Two other new features that arrived with the new update are:

  • Arena Lab
    • Smashers now have a new way to play different modes unavailable in the current weekly mode rotation.
    • Arena Lab brings All or Nothing, Hide and Seek, and Magic Fortune Cookie.
    • It also offers the new Escort mode.
    • This is open to players who are Smasher Level seven or higher.
    • Each mode in Arena Lab is available for one week on rotation.
  • Hellion Skins
    • These Legends have received a new theme called a Hellion Skin:
      • Cindy
      • Nui
      • Snow
    • Players who equip the Hellion Skin can enjoy exclusive in-game and spotlight effects for the characters with the newest theme.

Discord Server

To celebrate the arrival of the new update, an event has been launched which offers 5,000 credits to players who join the game’s official Discord server. Players also get to enjoy additional community content, such as finding a Smash Legends party, sharing fan art, and posting highlight clips with other fellow Smashers on the server.

You can read about the new update here.

Smash Legends offers a real-time PvP action game where the playtimes per match are quick. The game is available on PC through Steam, Android, and iOS. It supports cross-play on these platforms.

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