Smash Legends Adds New Competitive Mode in Upcoming Update

A new way to play.
A new way to play. 5minlab

A new update is coming soon to Smash Legends which is set to introduce a new mode called Competitive Match. There’s also a new Legend coming and the Legend Assemble Bundle. The new update arrives on April 12.

Smash Legends is a real-time PVP action game that offers quick matches having short playtimes. It has at least 25 characters, known as Legends, based on unique interpretations of fairy tales. One of them is Peter, who’s described as a free spirit filled with courage and a desire for adventure. Any guesses on which fairy tale character served as inspiration?

New Mode

When the game was first released, it had three modes which are Battle Royal, Dominion, and Duel. Once the new update goes live, players can try Competitive Match where six or more types of Legends compete. This is accessible for players who are at least Level 15.

The game is based on the 3:3 capture structure where six players choose Legends of their preference in a set order. Each player is required to play with a unique Legend since a Legend cannot be selected twice. The mode allows players to engage in strategic gameplay and lets them show off their skills since it needs draft picks and changes tier scores based on the outcome of the match.

New Legend

The April update introduces the new Legend Yong Yong. Players can buy Yong Yong using credits or Gems. Yong Yong can deal significant damage to its opponent with body rolls and body slams. Yong Yong’s effects and emotes are also available to those who purchase the new Legend.

New Bundle

The Legend Assemble Bundle offers a content-rich package that has most of the Legends released thus far. There’s also a new theme for Ravi, Witch Queen, and Rapunzel. Players can also enjoy the new Shadow Skin theme.

New Partner Program

Smash Legends is launching a partner program this April 18 called High Smashers. In this one, partner creators get to promote and spread the game through their created content. More information about this program is to be revealed soon.

In a statement, 5minlab CEO Moon-hyoung Park revealed that they are doubling their efforts to improve communication with the players. One of these was the recently held Q&A session. Moon-hyoung went on to say that they are planning to share different news about the game through the official community channels.

Smash Legends is available on PC, Android, and iOS. Learn more about the game here.

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