Smash Legends Introduces Lovable Dragon Yong Yong in Patch 2.2.2

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The new and lovable young dragon Yong Yong is now available in Smash Legends. Patch 2.2.2 also introduces competitive matches.

New Legend

Yong Yong is the latest Legend to join the fray. It is a young dragon that was taken under Umbra’s wings after a secret dealing with the Dragon Bank. Although it looks cute and lovable now, this dragon has the potential to be powerful and greedy.

Yong Yong’s basic attack is Dragon’s Fury. It is a three-hit combo where the young dragon charges forward a short distance, dealing 600 damage. Yong Yong tucks into a ball and deals 200 damage when Dragon’s Fury is used as an Aerial skill.

Dragon’s Majesty is Yong Yong’s main skill, where it charges forward a short distance dealing 500 damage. Holding the skill button for at least a second charges the skill. When the button is released, Yong Yong gains super armor and the skill deals 1,000 damage while rolling in a certain direction for two seconds.

Yong Yong’s ultimate is Dragon’s Descent. The young dragon first marks an area, and after two seconds, Yong Yong jumps high into the air and descends rapidly, stomping the ground and dealing 800 damage.

Acquiring Yong Yong now will make you eligible for a limited effect and emoji. The young dragon will be available for purchase using Gems or Credits.

New Legend: Yong Yong
New Legend: Yong Yong 5minlab

Get Competitive

Aside from the new legend, you can now engage in competitive matches. This new game mode follows the standard 3:3 Dominion format with draft picks added, along with a competitive match-exclusive tier.

To be eligible, you must have an account level of 15 or higher. Furthermore, you must have already owned six Legends or more, including seasonal trial Legends.

You can learn more about this new game mode on the game’s official website.

Balancing Changes

Certain Legends have received adjustments in Patch 2.2.2 and they are:

  • HP increased to 4,500
  • Safe Brick House
    • After: Brick receives 20/25/30/35/40% less damage when near a wall created by his Skill. The detection range of the wall has increased by 1 meter in height and 0.6 meters in radius
  • Art of Ao
    • The second attack’s two-hit damage increased to 100
  • Art of Blossom
    • The last shuriken’s damage increased to 150
Master Cat
  • Feline Arts: Butterfly
    • Damage increased to 1,800
  • Knee Kick
    • Cooldown increased to 6 seconds
  • Crush
    • Cooldown increased to 1,200
  • You’re Last
    • The ultimate has been adjusted so that the arrow does not explode if it misses the target
    • Cooldown increased to 350

Smash Legends is available on Android, iOS, and PC.

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