Smash Legends Introduces New Marksman Flare and Two New Modes

Beware the new marksman.
Beware the new marksman. LINE Games

A new Legend has arrived on Smash Legends with Flare. She arrives in the game courtesy of a new update, which introduces two new modes as well. We also take a look at the latest Legend Mission Event.

That said, let’s begin with the new event which actually starts today, June 8. Players need to finish two missions: the Daily and Accumulating missions. Completing them gives Legend Coins for exchanging certain items. The new Legend Mission Event ends July 6.

New Modes

One of the new modes introduced by the new update is the “Custom Match.” Here, players can customize the map to suit their tastes like the number of players and the mode type.

The second is “Team Deathmatch: Giant.” It’s a typical 3v3 Team Deathmatch Mode where the team to score 10 points is declared the winner. So what makes this one different? Character sizes are affected by HP status. The larger the size of the Legend becomes, the higher its attack range is and the more it's exposed to damage.

New Legend

Flare is a marksman that can fire wide-area cannons. She can also create explosions and flames. Her basic features are:

  • Small Kindling (Basic attack)
    • Fires the cannon.
    • The projectile travels in an arc and explodes upon impact.
  • Gentle Heart (Skill)
    • Fires a giant fireball in a straight line.
    • The ball explodes upon impact and deals damage.
  • Happy World (Ultimate)
    • Fires a giant fireball into the air creating burning areas.
    • The burning areas last for a few seconds and damage all foes that enter the area.

So what else does Flare bring to the fight? Her abilities are:

  • Catch Me If You Can!
    • Increases Movement Speed by 18% for 2.5 seconds.
    • Stuns the hit foe for 1.25 seconds with Aerial Skills.
  • Flames of Deterioration
    • Decreases movement speed of foes damaged by the Ultimate's AoE by 45% and Jump by 62% for 0.85 seconds.​
  • ​Burning Cannon
    • Increases basic attack and skill damage by 16% when Ultimate is available.
  • ​Still One Shot Left
    • Refunds 40% skill cooldown upon hitting a foe or an object with Ground skills, increases Ground skill projectile speed by 50% and damage by 8%.
    • Increased projectile speed does not affect its attack range.
  • Flammable Ammo (Rare Ability)
    • Creates an area which deals 100 damage per second for five seconds at the impact area of basic attacks.
    • Each area lasts for three seconds.
    • This effect activates once every 15 seconds and is affected by damage increase from leveling up Legends.

So what do you think? Ready to bring the fight with Flare?

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