Slime Climb Is The Fall Guys Community's Favorite Game Mode

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Season 2 of Fall Guys has been an absolute blast among fans. The medieval-themed season introduced new levels, cosmetic items, and some quality of life changes, all of which have been received warmly by players. Recently, the Fall Guys official Twitter page put up a survey, asking players to rate their favorite game mode. The results are out, and surprisingly, the majority of the player base seems to enjoy Slime Climb the most.

When sharing this survey, the developer stated that the results will help the team in improving the game. There's no doubt that Fall Guys is a fun game, but just like every other game, failing to introduce diverse game modes can easily cause fans to lose interest. Surveys like these are good for both the developers and the fans. Not only do these surveys give developers important information that they are looking for, but also the fans feel that they are an integral part of the game's development and evolution.

The survey results indicate that out of 27,111 responses, 33.8% of players seem to enjoy Slime Climb the most. The other four rounds following Slime Climb include Hex-A-Gone, Jump Showdown, Knight Fever, and Whirlygig.

Most people were wondering if Slime Climb would be among the worst rounds in Fall Guys, but the results speak otherwise. Personally, I find Slime Climb quite enjoyable when it appears infrequently. But, if you'd ask me to play the level after every alternate round, I wouldn't really enjoy it.

Although Mediatonic has revealed the top five favorite rounds that players enjoy, the developer hasn't shared the least favorite rounds yet.

Fall Guys Season 2 introduced four new rounds including Hoopsie Legend, Knight Fever, Egg Siege, and Wall Guys. I have been enjoying these rounds quite a lot, especially Knight Fever. What's you favorite round in Fall Guys? Let us know in the comments below.

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